Paul Cokes Jr.

We Shall Over Come, by Paul Cokes Jr.

(…”Forsake me not, O Lord: O my God, be not far from me..”)
Psalms 38:21 KJV

Psalms 38 is one of the penitential Psalms in which David repents of his sins. Disease had come upon him as the Lord laid His chastening hand upon David to bring him back to the ways of righteousness. This psalms shows us David’s sufferings and sorrows.

In prison we suffered alot during our incarceration, lost of family, friends, and sometimes ourselves. Through the pain we still try to see hope, while being incarcerated. I know this by experience each and everyday, I try to fight my sorrow’s, and my suffering’s. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I know that the Lord is here with me fighting this long battle. I’ve repent my sins, Cause I know that God won’t leave me behind. Giving up isn’t a option anymore, because with suffering & sorrow it makes us stronger individuals to walk the walk with the Lord God. Life is hard, but I know deep down inside, we can all over come our sufferings & sorrow in Life.

Faith lesson, suffering & sorrows doesn’t mean the end of the world, it means that God isn’t done writing your story. Yet this is only the beginning, just have faith, hope, and ask the Lord for guidance & strength. Remember Christ died on the cross for our sins, he suffered for us, and he took our sorrows into His hands, now it’s our turn to see it through to the end. Amen. P.E.C.JR.

Psalms 6. Psalms 32. Psalms 51. Psalms 130

Paul E. Cokes Jr.
DOC #A705-716

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