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Climate Gone Awry, by Dean Giacomo

As I stated in my last blog it appears to me that the Earth has gone haywire and is in a state of rebellion against its inhabitants.
Here in Virginia we are in the throes of a heat wave, it has been in the 90s now for well over a week and for today, tomorrow, and Sunday (7/19-21) there is an “excessive heat advisory” in effect.The temp is supposed to reach 100°F. and 99° on Sunday. It seems to me that each year the temps are progressively are getting worse I.e., higher temperatures that are 90°+ and last longer.
Just saw on the news they are forecasting for a heat index of 111° in Farmville Va.
Now normally I would be able to deal with the heat but since I’m in prison, which is by far not a normal situation, there is no escape from this oppressive heat, sure ,I have a fan (an 8inch ) which is blowing HOT air but on the brighter note my cell gets only about one and a half hours of direct sunlight (between 7:00 and 9:00 PM, which is really a good thing) and this building has two exhaust fans in each pod–one small one which is on 24/7 and a large one that is turned on when we are locked down for count and overnight.These fans bring the temperature down somewhat rapidly once the sun sets. Thus one can sleep comfortably.
Trying not to be so cynical and negative from hereon so please bear with me.

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