Archie Wilder

Flawed, by Archie Wilder

The definition of the word flawed: a defect, or blemish, imperfect. When you hear those words, you can apply that to every human being on this planet. So if all humans are flawed or imperfect, can a human being make anything perfect? Any rational thinking human being already knows the answer to that question. So why is it so hard for people to see that our criminal justice system is flawed? The state of New York and the state of California has this figured out. Because these are two states that have avenues to challenge wrongful convictions. California has the I.C.U.which stands for the integrity convictions unit.And New York has the C.I.B.Which stands for convictions integrity bureau. Both of these units allow inmates who claim that they are innocent,To fill out a form to have their cases looked into, to make sure that the guilty are punished and the innocent do not suffer. So that true justice will be served. But this is a problem that’s bigger than New York and California. This is a problem across the entire united states of america. So why aren’t the other 48 states required to have these types of units? How many stories do hear from Texas, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, etc…..about people being released after decades behind bars? Not to mention the ones who made it off of death row.And what about the ones who no longer have a voice? The ones who passed away or who were put to death before being able to prove their innocence. So what is it truly going to take for changes to come to our flawed system?First the people who work for our criminal justice system will have to except the fact that they make mistakes also.And their is nothing wrong with admitting those mistakes. And people in our society need to speak up also. They need to hold these individuals in position of authority accountable for the choices and decisions they make. We live in a society that thrives on results.But how you get those results it what matters, especially when we are talking about affecting peoples lives. When people are wrongfully convicted, it not only hurts the person who was convicted,but also the victims and their families because true justice was not served.

DOC #414-917

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