Shara Cooper

Speechless!!! by Shara Cooper

Whenever you cried
I stopped to listen
Computing a solution inside.
Whenever you called
I answered in a hurry
Seeking to reassure you
Hoping to relieve your worry.
Whenever you needed help
Situations beyond your control
I was the one who gave of myself.

There’s nothing grand about me
A normal person who feels
Only that I love you endlessly.
Even in the loving you
I have somehow lost you
Along the way something else grabbed you
And it’s got me speechless!

One that’s bigger than me
Much more stronger than me
I have a hard time believing
That it has you begging
On your hands and knees
Sad part is, you don’t even see it.
And, it’s got me speechless!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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