Dean Giacomo

I Find It Strange, by Dean Giacomo

It appears to me that the media as society in general have chosen to turn blind eyes towards the fact that the Earth has gone haywire and is in a state of rebellion against the inhabitants of this fair planet. An extremely large number of tornadoes are forming and on top of that they are touching down in places where it was almost unheard of for a tornado to occur, let alone numerous ones every year, so often that it is now considered a normal occurrence (which in reality it is not!)
Massive “superstorms” , i.e.,hurricanes that are devastating the coasts and causing vast amounts of damage hundreds of miles inland as well.
Moreover the rising ocean temperatures which along with the increasing global temps are in turn causing the sea level to rise and encroach upon the coastal cities,towns, resorts, etc.This rising ocean temperatures are also fueling the aforementioned “superstorms” that are wreaking havoc on this planet ( and as I write this we are one month into hurricane season)
And then there are earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, major snowstorms, etc.
And then you have Trump denying global warming even though the polar icecaps are melting and thus the oceans are rising and the coast lines shrinking.
I find it strange that I’m the only person who sees that this Earth is in a totally chaotic state and the future is looking bleak.

Dean Giacomo
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  1. Dean,

    I agree with you on this. The earth is changing and getting much warmer which causes severe damaging storms.


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