Javon Brown

Introduction Blog, by Javon Brown

Hello, Its great to meet you ! Let me introduce myself. My name is Javon. I’m a 34yrs young African American being 5′ 5″ in height. My birthday is October 24th I’ll be turning 35 this Oct. The place where I grew up called Amelia which is a small country county of Virginia, USA . I been incarcerated since May 14, 2008 and my release date is April 14, 2026. Not married though I have one daughter. She is 15 years young. Currently I work as a Horticulture educational aide. Spending time outdoors with nature is something I really love to do. Learing, being creative and productive is how I like to spend my time. At times I do enjoy drawing and Writing. I do love being social and making friends. By keeping a great sense of humor, adventure and fun are ways I enjoy life.

Here is my contact info:

Javon Brown #1395481
State Farm Correctional center (SFCC)
3500 Woods Way
State Farm, Va 23160
or through emailJpay. com

May there be anyone who would like to contact me feel free.
Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.

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