Jason Mackerchar

Blog On Divorce, by Jason Mackerchar

So I was married since 2016 and it was a rough time for me. Marrying someone who played games and lied the entire time was the biggest mistake and downfall in doing time behind bars. I was trapped into it by her lying about having a child with me. She later on was honest in saying that she didnt want to lose me so she made up that lie to try and keep me. It was the absolute worst time i have ever done..
Argiung on the phone the hang ups the fights the dissapointment the yelling the name calling the , you name it. I was so fed up. I filed for divorce from in here. Just made sure to take care of that so i didnt get out to dysfunctional warfare with a marriage that was just not going to be healthy. She would go and cheat on me by living with other dudes and then say she didnt do anything with them and just build up more lies.
I have deleted every piece of her and i am walking a new path. I am in a better place now. I am grateful for the decisions that i have made thus far to reconstruct my life.
I havent sent a blog in a long whioe but here it is. I am very sorry for the silence. You can see more blogs soon. I will be out next summer. June od 2020.

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009

@iscc in idaho

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  1. Jason,

    I have been on this ride with you for 8 mths and you are my very best friend. I know the heartache, pain, and disappointments you’ve had. She hurt you deeply, but now your free to heal and move forward in a positive direction my friend. It has not been easy on you to make that decision you loved her that’s natural in the end you will be alright. No matter what I’m in it with you and your friend. Here is a great quote that fits
    ” Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lie before you”.

    Your Forever Friend,


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