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IS ORANGE THE NEW BLACK, by Sean K Lancaster

Is it by coincidence that the prison system has become monitized, or is it just happen stance that the state of Washington projects prison CI jobs will exceed the current prison population in just a few years.

I have been asked by my teenage daughter,” dad is prison like the TV program orange is the new black.” I did not have any idea what my little girl was asking me because I had never heard of this TV program before, so my reply was, probly not.

Days, and weeks went by and for some reason I reflected back to that day my child asked me that question, “dad is orange the new black.” Then I got it, her question was, are prisoner the new slaves of the country.

There is no question in my mind that prisoners are sweatshop workers in Washington state, but we are not slaves because the state pays us. Even though the state keeps most of the money we get a little to spend at the state owned store. 

The state of Washington has passed laws to monopolize prison industry products.The state of Washingtons prison population has been on a steady rise for years, is this just coincidental, I don’t think so. What is going on at a state wide level to put more people in prison every year.

I know a guy doing sixty months for a DUI, and now it makes perfect sense to me why the court would want to throw him in prison instead of imposing a fine, it is because the state makes more money from putting him in prison.

You put another body in prison because of your bottom line. The state now has to spend one hundred thousand dollars a year to provide for his basic needs, and top of that he can be put to work in a Correctional Industry’s sweatshop.

CI is an LLC, but is also a subsidiary of DOC in some crazy way. So now under current management CI makes most everything for the prison population, and by law the prison must buy all of CI’s inferior products most times twice the price of a private vendor.

Who are these people passing these laws? I can not believe that it is the taxpayers that want to raising their own taxes to pay CI these massive amounts of money, and where do those massive CI profits go?

There is something wrong with this picture when the University of Washington students are protesting CI for paying prisoners almost nothing, while forcing them to work for CI. Passing laws that the UW has to buy CI products at inflated rates over a private vender.

Why is CI a legal monopoly? Is there such a thing as a legal monopoly? And who is responsible for creating CI, and its monopoly. 

I know it all sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, but its not. Just look into it yourself, and look at these laws, and follow the money. Where do all these prison profits go that CI makes from its prisoner powered sweatshops.

I don’t know maybe look at the huge bloated wages that are paid to these CI employees, and upper management. Most of these CI supervisers are not qualified to perform their jobs properly, and they rely on prison workers to get their jobs properly done for them.

CI, and DOC even break the law teaching prisoner that its OK to break the law just do not get caught. Prisoners are working for CI because they broke the law in the first place. CI was having prisoners put product sticker on the products made in Washington that read, made in Idaho state corrections. Why would CI do this? Well, by law if CI sells a product out of state, then CI must pay prisoners minimum wage for the hours spent on the out of state job.

If CI is breaking the law by means of fraud to get around paying prisoners minimum wage, then shipping these fraugentally labeled products across state lines which would then constitute a federal offence, then that means CI is not only breaking their own state law, but now they are committing federal violations.

No one cares because no one knows, including the FBI. No one know about DOCs dirty little hustle called Correctional Industerys.

I have never been exposed to so much lawlessness, and crime until I was a prisoner in Washington state. I have learned how most criminal enterprises work including CI, and DOC. The system is a huge hustle on the tax payer.

Before I came into the system I honestly believed that our government was really there for the people, looking out for the little guy, but now being in this system of massive corruption, I have had my eyes opened to the limitless greed, and government abuses of its power, and trust, of the people.

Please don’t believe me, and look into it for yourself by contacting the public records department, its all there in black, and white. Follow the money, and do not think it is going to be easy because Washington state prisons have the protection, full force, and power of the attorney generals office, I know because I have been sewed by them for trying to expose the truth.

So the question was, is orange the new black? Kinda, I guess, but when you really break it down, we are more like the old day red neck coal miners, getting paid hardly nothing, and running up massive debut to the company. In our case the company is DOC, and the state, which means all of the good tax payer in the state. I was one of these good tax payers, and I had no idea that my state government operated in this way.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

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