Erik Nelson

Unfaded Pleasures Of Hope, by Erik Nelson

Is beauty defined by what you have or is it the desire of what you want?
If hope was transformed into the beauty of loveliness would its character of identity be worth purchasing its significance or would you adoringly stare in the fascination of wow. A teacher once asked if the expression of happiness was given freely without any blemishes of sadness would you choose to apply for an application or would you continue to walk in the satisfaction of already having what you need? Immediately numerous of students hands were raised and one girl said she’d apply while a boy said its something he’s never considered, and another student said I find it very interesting that a question which requires responses of uncertainty could possess so much wonder as if anything could be wanted if you have all you need. After various different responses from many students the teacher said the significance of beauty is defining your own meaning to what’s considered lovely, and the value of what you’re hoping to have is the outcome of what you’re willing to invest!

Erik Nelson
DOC #445-941

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