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hello my name is daniel pitcher i am 46 years young i am a wiccan looking for others of the same faith .I currently am sentenced to 35 -life for agg murder .I am from cleveland ohio I have no other siblings and really dont talk to anyone i guess you could call me an introvert i am looking for a penpal who is willing to not only listen but share thier life stories as well .I dont really get into politics but i do love different television show such as wrestling and i like different off grid living shows I have always been shy . I think that blogging or writing would be a good thing for me to learn how to grow better communication skills. I would love if anyone out there would give a shout out to me from the wiccan community as i said this prison has no faith based counselors or mentors for me to speak with and its hard to hold onto my religion when so many seem to be against me ….. well thank you for allowing me to get my voice out there and listening i hope i can do the same for you Im sorry oif ive done this wrong as ive said i am an introvert trying sometthhing new and well thank you once again for listening

Daniel Pitcher
DOC #312-233
2240 hubbard road
youngstown ,ohio 44505

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