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Ancestry DNA Exposed (part 2), by Tommie Forster

DNA is a macromolecule made up of 4 elements: Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen is the 1st element on the periodic table. Its atomic number is 1 meaning that it has a charge of one proton and one electron. Therefore, Hydrogen is represented by 1 (Knowledge) in our Supreme Mathematics.

Carbon is the 6th element on the periodic table. 6 in our Supreme Mathematics is Equality. Equality born Wisdom meaning that when you add up the word Equality E-5+Q-17+U-21+A-1+L-12+I-9+T-20+Y-25=110…1+1+0=2…. 2 is wisdom. Just Like Wisdom bonds Knowledge, Carbon bonds elements of light together by absorbing their energy. Therefore, carbon is 2 (Wisdom) in our Supreme Mathematics.

Nitrogen is the 7th element on the periodic table; its Atomic Number is 7. The word Nitrogen borns 102 all being born to 2. N-14+I-9+T-20+R-18+O-15+G-7+E-5+N-14 =102…1+0+2=3. 3 is Understanding which is a clear mental picture just as Nitrogen is a clear odorless gas. Therefore, Nitrogen is represented by 3 (Understanding) in our Supreme Mathematics.

Oxygen is the 8th element on the periodic table. The word Oxygen born 90 all being born to 9.. O-15+X-24+Y-25+G-7+E-5+N-14=90..9+0=9….The 9th letter in the alphabet is I.. I in our Supreme Alphabets stands for ISLAM which Culture or way of life of the original people. 4 in the supreme Mathematics is Culture. Therefore, Oxygen is represented by the number 4 (Culture) in Our Supreme Mathematics.

When carbon captures these light elements and bond them together, they form a macromolecule which is DNA, the first living cell. DNA is 5 (Power) in our Supreme Mathematics. Power is the truth which is the light; DNA is light in a living breathing form.
Now before moving forward, I want to explain that when you add the atomics numbers of Hydrogen (1), Carbon (6), Nitrogen (7), Oxygen (8), they equal 22. 2+2=4 and the 4th letter in our Supreme Alphabets is D=Divine which is the Nature of Allah (DNA).
DNA has 2 primary purposes: 1) to make copies of itself so cells can divide and carry on the same information; 2) to carry instruction on how to make proteins so cells can build the vehicle of life.
Within DNA are chromosomes – they exist within the living cells in the form of organelles. Organelles are mini organs that carry out specific task. The most popular organelle is the X-Chromosome or mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA). In our Supreme Alphetbets, the letter X is the 24th letter. 2+4=6…6 in our Supreme Mathematics is Equality which is the Black Woman who has been risen to her fullest potential and is in tune with her history and nature. Therefore the number 6 is the Ova, or X-Chromosome.
At the center of a cell exist the nucleus and within the nucleus is the Y-DNA or Y-Chromosome. The letter Y in the Alphabet is the 25th letter. 2+5=7… 7 in our Supreme Mathematics is the Blackman Who is God. Therefore, the number 7 is the Sperm or Y-Chromosome.
In medical terminology, the term for nucleus is Karyon. When you drop the Y, you have the term Karon. The Karon is a book explaining 25,000 years of history. But this same history exist within the Karon of the cell. Now keep in mind that this DNA is spinning. Just imagine if you caught a baseball traveling at a rate of speed. It would cause you to spin. The same is true when carbon captures light traveling at 186,000 miles/second, which causes it to spin into the strand of the Double Helix. These strands are the genetic code of the X and Y chromosomes. These segments are called genes.
Genes are the basic until of heredity – the coded traits that are passed from parent to the offspring. They exist as 4-letters.. A,T,C,G…Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine.. or Allah’s Truth Cee God.. These letters create various sequences with the A and T always matching and the C and G always pairing. Imagine these 4 letters being used to write words, sentences, paragraphs and books about history. These history books are what exist within the sperm of man and ova of woman. The story or traits are call alleles.
When the 6 & 7 or X-Chromosomd and Y-Chromosome come together they each contribute 22 chromosomes to form what is known as Tissue . Tissue is represented by the number 8 (Build/Destory) in our Supreme Mathematics and the 8th letter in our Supreme Alphabets is H-He/Her. This is when the Masculine and Feminine energies join to manifest life or “tissue” which many people carelessly refer to as simply a clump of cells.
There are 4 basic types of tissue: 1)Muscle; 2)Nerve; 3) Epithelial (membrane such as skin, lungs, stomach, intestines, blood vessels etc); 4)Connective (Fat, cartilage, bone, etc). When these tissues come together to form organs (heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver etc..) they begin to function as one organ system. These organ systems follow the instruction of the DNA as they mature to be Born.
Therefore, the number 9 (Born) in our Supreme Mathematics is the “Organism” which is that beautiful black child with a Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head (ALLAH). This is the order of ISLAM at its highest manifestation.
The Double Helix is said to be so long that if it is stretched out, it would reach from the sun to the Earth 50times. The Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun… 93 million × 50 equals 4 billion, 659 million miles long; DNA is truly the longest book in history. It covers approximately 60% of our Solar System which is 7 Billion 360 million miles in diameter. A cipher is 360 degrees and spins counterclockwise in the same direction of the Double Helix. The word CIPHER borns 59 all being born to 5.. 59 is approximately 60% which proves that the 0 in our Supreme Mathematics representz the “Double Helix” or “History” housed within it.

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