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Ancestry DNA Exposed (part 1), by Tommie Forster

Knowledge means to know-the-ledge. A ledge is a boundary or restriction that prohibits one from safely progressing forward. However, I am Knowledge and Knowledge is Allah, so in essence there are no boundaries, limitations, or restrictions to my abilities or existence. My capabilities are endless. So a ledge is just a stepping stool where I can look, listen, observe, and respect the fact that in order to build or elevate beyond what my current information allows me to, I must increase my knowledge. As my knowledge increases my boundaries increase. That’s my cipher. As I cross bridges and overcome obstacles, I gain Understanding.
Understanding is the mental clarity of being able to comprehend ones own best part. No book, literature, teacher, or information can give me understanding. It is only gained through diligently applying ones knowledge. Culture is the result of knowledge and understanding. My culture is my way of life. If the way I live is based off knowledge and truth, then I become mindful not to allow other peoples ideas to polute nor influence the choices that I make.
Choice is Power. Power is Truth and Light. Therefore, all my choices must be directed towards either expressing or digging to find the truth. Just as with light, the truth is the only way that we can see reality for what it truly is.
This is actually part Two of this study. In part one I touched on the science of the original man. I was led into that study because I wanted to understand what made Elijah Muhammad when asked the question “Who is the Original Man?”, answer using the precise words that “The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet Earth, Father of civilization and God of the Universe”. So in my attempts to gain this understanding, I used the science of etymology (study of words origins). I also used the science of anthropology which is the study of culture and language. Lastly, I used the science of archeology (study of remains removed out of the ground). In part two of the study, I will be using the sciences of physic and biology to dig deeper into the origins of man. My aim is to use these sciences to understand the Divine Nature of Allah (DNA).
According to the Collins English Dictionary, “Divine” means splendid; perfect. “Nature” means the complement of genetic material that partly determines the structure of an organism; genotype. And as you may already know, “Allah” is the All in All meaning that every living organism has a perfect genetic structure that resembles the existence of Allah. However, I will prove that Black people in particular has the most sacred of all genetic material walking the Planet Earth.
As a child, you may have wondered how you physical features turned out the way they did; your eye color, hair texture, complexion, height etc. Or maybe you have an inherited condition that can’t be seen on the outside; asthma, diabetes, cancer etc. These matters all relate to the study of genetics. Genetics is a branch science of biology (study of life) and deals in the study of genes, heredity, and variations in organisms.
I used to hear some elder gods say that the Book Of Genesis in the bible is the Book of Genetics. Or that Genesis is where the Gene is. It sounded like wordplay at the time, but thats the real etymology. “Genetics” comes from the Greek term “genetikos” which means “genitive” which comes from Genesis meaning Origin. And indeed the book of genesis does attempt to tell the origins of Man by tracing people back to one of three sons of Noah – Ham, Shem and Japheth. In fact, for centuries historians attempted to continue using the Bible to explain the origins of different ethnic communities and Nations. Today however, we can use the actual genetics of people to trace back our origins through the study of human DNA.
Now keep in mind that I said, Power is truth, and truth is Light. Light was the first creation thats witnessed in the Bible, Genesis 1:3 when God said “Let there be Light”. The subtleties of light is the Life Force Energy because light as it exist in this dimension is a vast expression of forces which are responsible for creating all physical and subtle phenomenon. Light is a unified collection of photons which are the smallest measurable unit of the life force energy. In fact, every element on the periodic table is a expression of light (charged particles). Its the suns energy. Elements are made of proton, neutron and electrons (atoms), and each proton and neutron is made up of 2 billion photons. This means that at the foundation of all physical material there exist light.
In our Actual Facts, we learn that light travels and that terrific speed of 186,000 miles/second. This speed of motion generates force. The force that light exerts on an object is called “Light Pressure” and is determined by the amount of energy or vibration the photons hold. Based upon this force of motion, determines the chemical reaction of these charged particles interacting and colliding to form the variation of Life Force Energy called Elements.
Imagine the affect that elements have on a cars paint job. Overtime, the measure of this light pressure, causes the paint to fade to the point that it’ll actually begin to feel as though its been hit by a piece of sand paper. This is the force that light exerts in changing our physical reality.
These chemical Reactions can all be explained through our “Supreme Mathematics” (look up to understand this part) which are the keys to understanding mans relationshio to the Universe. This is to say that the numbers 1-9 and the 0, represent the divine expression of light as this energy grows and is expressed in it highest manifestation through Man. As already proven, light is the bases of all things – atoms elements, chemicals, but DNA is light expressed on a biological level.

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