Dennis Watson

D-Day/The Funeral, by Dennis Watson

I was murdered by my on mistakes on may 8th of 2011… Ever since then I’ve seen everything but my piece of heaven… Whatever God has in store for me must be grandiose… Several doses of reality I’ve been given… Sometimes made me question the worth of my living… Never given a chance as the gavel slams… With all the so called friends & FAM, there was only 3 that gave a damn… I can’t stand when people say the word love like it’s supposed to matter… Even between the 3 that was there, there’s only one that still gathers enough strength to remember me… I just so happens that even though I’m a cadaver to society, I still breathe… All I need is to be resurrected… Like the 2nd coming of Jesus, but the ones that try to return would be less respected… As I mark off the checklist of the one who have known me guided by the reaper to purgatory… Every soul before might belong here… With all the trials & trauma I’ve become so familiar with, I’m even more distant to tears… It appears clearer than a calm winded day without one cloud that blocks the sun… To head back into the eye of the storm to face those who would have the audacity to say that I would run… The sum of every fear has given me the courage to clear of the dirt & stand up… No flowers on my headstone, or the superstition of a nose itching that I’ve been remembered once… I only haunt those who are afraid of my possible return… The urn of my daughter only shows that a father really doesn’t mean shit… Even if he loves her before her day of birth & is there from the womb she slid… As real as everything is up to this point… I still wait for God to full fill the promise & anoint… I haven’t felt the warmth of the sun or the healing love that the touch of a woman gives… Can I live? Once quoted by Jay-Z, but maybe this is different… They’d rather me die for eternity, & have the funeral for the labeled killer… I’m only a pillar of the character I’m prejudged as like some say… I’ll forever carry this label beyond the celebration of my D-Day…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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