Major McCormick

The Good Life, by Major McCormick

Maybe you woke today and felt awful, but yesterday was just great. On days that the sky is blue and the sun is shining but you are gray inside.. How do you find comfort? At the comfort inn with a stranger? And a bottle of comfort? Maybe for the moment a brief moment its comfort but soon enough follows with discomfort and irritation emptiness and a vicious cycle of used and being used. When was the last time you set all of your vices aside including the people you are using to pass time and just dealt with self, the hardcore reality of who you aren’t and the hardcore reality of who you are. Then ask your creator to bring you peace about your life an open door to true comfort and a contentment with being yourself rather alone or with someone you should feel the same wholeness. To add to this there is no one two three program for all of the above but there is work you can do to stabilize your life give it meaning find a group of positive people accountability partners A daily routine of exercise and feeding yourself positive information. Stay away from over indulgence in anything. Everything has a cost most of the time its your energy. Pay attention to how you feel after being around certain people or doing certain activities if its a not so good feeling eliminate these people or activities or limit your access to it or their access to you after some real soul searching you will find what is good or bad for you and learn to live the good life.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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