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A Girl and Neptune. universe 4.

Schrodinger’s equation just shows the deterministic aspect of the unitary evolution of a quantum system. You’ve probably heard that quantum mechanics is indeterminate , and one aspect is. This is when , say an electron is about to be measured , it is in a state of superposition. Using Gerolamo Cardano’s probability theory , the electron is described in two quantum states( psi and phi ) simultaneously, as it actually is.This quantum state expresses the weighted sum of complex – number weighting factors. Schrodinger’s equation then provides the rate of change of the system with respect to time , the wavefunction. This equation is linear , where two states psi and phi each evolve into new states independently. And this measurement collapses the electron , for one particular reality path , into one state , through state vector reduction. But what about all those other probability spaces that existed moments ago in some weird otherworldly quantum realm? Roger Penrose says nothing , but many other theoretical physicists say the universe broke off into separate worlds. This is the many worlds revived. And this is what the old man and miss Cat , as well as the mystic and her team , are in hot pursuit of…Chasing the ethereal vestiges of these lost realms by tracing out their mathematical remnants.
Miss cat is one of the first to realise she can achieve a lucid dream state and have recollections of these past lives. She taught the old man how to do it and together they dream and relive times lost to the infinitude of endless histories obscured by natures resistance to letting the minds of hominins in on her deepest secrets. But apparently if you are tenacious enough and willing to open your mind up to this fantastic vision , she allows you in.
Miss Cat walked around back to her desk and pushed a few buttons on the laptop. The old man came around and stood behind her waiting in anticipation. The screen was blank and only reflected the images of two faces darkly shaped in the dim light , stern expressions looking back. Finally other light from within the computer screen began to shine out and produce an image. First the silhouetted shape of an immense sphere appeared. There were two other light sources off in the background. A few stars sparkled in the pitch black to either side of the relatively nearby suns. The old man stood there in respectful silent awe.
This was the planet the mystic’s people hailed from. A orbiting satellite has been sending signals for god knows how long. Dark haired freckles has been in contact with her home planet since childhood. She is said to be stricken with a terrible longing to go and live there. But unless she finds a way to harness certain quantum principles , or even relativistic ones , she is forever stranded here at the cusp of the earth’s solar system. And unfortunately for her , the earths technological progress is far behind her own planets. The system built by her people never used any quantum mechanical or relativity principles. It was just a endeavor that took millennia to complete.
Miss Cat turned and looked at the old man. ” We’ve been searching for the signal for awhile. One of our technicians stumbled onto it a few weeks ago. I knew you would want to see.”
He smiled and nodded ” Does she know we have it ? ”
” Yes , she didn’t seem surprised. I think she wondered why it took so long.”
” She’s here? ” the old man couldn’t hide his nervous anxiety. His voice cracked subtly and his hands were colorless and damp. He brushed them against his pants.
” You sure you want to do this ? The last time you guys met it didn’t go so well.”
” I think we have a better understanding now , maybe even a mutual respect. She was much younger and more naive then. I don’t think she wants to use murder or violence to achieve her ends.”
Miss Cat stared at him for a moment. ” Alright , I’m not going to insult you by asking if you want security to accompany you.” She smiled and made the old man blush.
He hadn’t seen her in over a year. Their last encounter involved some harsh words and guns being drawn. He personally had one shoved up against the back of his head. Dark haired freckles had one pointed at her but it was from afar. She probably sensed the danger. This little incident occurred not far from here. They all had met in the desert in the middle of the night. There is a military installation that she has clearance for. Her people have high numbers among not just the military but other branches of government and law enforcement. This particular building is sensitive not only for the science research , but because it houses the crashed craft she first ventured to earth from beyond their space station past Neptune. She had told him once they have a broken down ship on Triton , Neptune’s large moon. They have a outpost there on the southern pole where the majestic geysers reside.
He felt a mixture of fear and excitement. Meeting with the mystic was no small thing. Dark haired freckles had a certain presence. She could come off as both seductive and cold. When she looked into your eyes there was an unmistakable sense she was feeling any emotion you might be experiencing and would exploit the slightest weakness perceived. Her gaze could be as hypnotic as a demonic cat. He never really believed though that they were enemies or foes. They just had ideological differences. And he never really did figure out if she has committed murder to achieve her ends. And if so , was she any worse than any human , of which many thousands have resorted to violence in order to achieve their goals , Governments , religions , different organizations as well as numerous individuals right here on earth have engaged in all sorts of pernicious actions and behaviors to get to the top.
There was just something unsettling about her.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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