Antwan Hood

WHY? by Antwan Hood

I wonder sometimes about the world that I live in and some of the events that take place it’s not crazy to say that the e events we see daily are not part of normal living you got your murders your rapist,drug dealers ,white collar crime type people, then you have people that commit crimes but never get caught for the shit the reason I say this is because me being a black man I feel like I have to face the normal shit that goes on in life plus the extra shit that goes along with it last night a program came on ABC we all know that is basically a Disney channel but they had a full hour on the black panther movement they had Elaine Brown and some other lady named Ngar who were members of the party who basically narrated the whole thing whing a few other contributors who had also participated in the movement from different standpoints I had read Elaine Brown book taste of power so I was curious to see where this was heading and why they had it on and it really blew my mind how the program and the book were in sync and the actual footage that they had from the 60’s to go along with the documentary the whole hour showed how Nixon and Hoover plotted and successfully took down the black panther party I find that to be a lil crazy when you have over 200 active hate groups on record what about the one that are not on record I find what the government did was some straight bullshit wasting federal dollars that could of went to some good use but they spent them on dismantling a group that only wanted to evolve there people out of a bad situation a situation that a lot of us still find ourselves in today it’s proof in African American history that every time we get a powerful voice of reasoning for our culture something strangely happens to them ironic I think not the old people of this world is on some bull but I can see a l change taking place now but the major change will take place I think when people stop teaching children that it is o.k. to hate people just because a skin color that will play a big part but now a day kids are super smart anyway they will challenge you if they think you are on some bull or tell you that is not right those are the future leaders the independent thinkers the risk takers and then you have the ones that will believe any thing those are the ones you have to watch out for not saying they are bad but they just are young and think that the caretakers are doing what is right for them but in all actuality they are keeping racism alive I love all races it’s sad to say everyone is not like that but everyones walk of like is not the same sad but true when I believe that some of the issues that plague certain classes of people can be resolved but they just don’t want to they say it’s a process then so be it you can’t fool everyone we know what’s going on and it might not happen in my lifetime but i honestly think that all the bullshit that goes on behind closed doors will one day come to a head things can’t stay like this forever

Antwan Hood
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