Lonely, by Steven Nall

Lonely is a friend and a common companion. He’s here for me constantly, he always has my back. Where others get distracted, he’s loyal to a fault. He follows me around the Penitentiary no matter where I go. Even when the Cop’s cuff and throw me in the hole.

Lonely, he’s a motherfucker. He holds my hand and straddles my back. His weight is on my shoulders and I feel him in my Bones. Lonely is stubborn because he never let’s go.

Will someone please release me from this burden and bring me to the Light? Will someone reach out? Please don’t try to edit me, or tell me where I went wrong! Instead show some compassion, fill the void of loneliness this is all that I am asking..

Steven Nall

DOC #888160

Washington Correction Center

Jpay.com to email/correspond with me

Categories: LONELINESS, Steven Nall

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