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I want to mention the little girl who is missing – Maleah Davis , only 4 yrs old… Please go to a network news and look her up… Supposedly she was abducted. However , a story like this can have twist and turns and you never know. But from what I heard , it will almost end tragically.She was removed from her home for suspected abuse. She has a brain injury that requires medicine. Her parents were cleared of the abuse allegations. But that just means they couldn’t prove it. The report is two Hispanic males in a blue pick up truck made inappropriate comments about the girl and then assaulted the father and took off with the girl…If you live in the Texas area or surrounding area , remember her face and look out for her…. Sometimes I wish I believed in a god that interferes with human affairs , god bless her soul.
A Girl and Neptune. universe 4. part 1
The old man walked into the room. He could smell a pleasant perfume and the aroma of food mixed within. On the wall behind the person at the desk was a giant picture of a triple star system with multiple planets orbiting two of the stars. He studied the scean with interested eyes. He imagined the unseen beings scurrying about the surfaces , tracing out the worlds own strange histories amongst the same black abyss as earths’ . It was a even stranger thought to know that each time they received a message from one of the worlds , and as they listened and viewed the images , four years had passed from that particular moment and they were essentially the recipients of a communication from the past. The video and audio data encoded within the electromagnetic waves propagated across this stretch of vacuous space captured a certain time on the continuum, whilst the present was carried on into the continuous future. What he was about to witness was from a time almost a half decade ago. It was the best they could do so far. But Sara , or as he called her , the mystic , and her research team were on the brink of using quantum entanglement for the achievement of instantaneous communication. On their planets the quantum cryptography system is already complete and ready. They have been building the one here. The concepts of special relativity and spooky action at a distance all mean that a genuine instantaneous message is received before it is sent , if you were doing it through the spacetime continuum and that is the case with normal spacelike events that lie outside each others light cones. That means neither event should affect each other… You can’t see the future. Black holes can rearrange spacelike and timeline lines, where a beam of light can bend around and carry an image that was behind you and place it in front of you , causing an image of yourself to be seen , how weird is that? But with quantum entanglement you are not traversing ordinary spacetime. At the quantum level spacial separation is an illusion. It also is impervious to the rate of time. It does not matter which end makes the measurement , just like in special relativity , the order is inconsequential. Observers in motion see the ordering of A and B accordingly , meaning A does not necessarily follow B. Special relativity is not violated.
The female looks up at the old man. She is beautiful , with long black hair and captivating dark eyes that gleam at you with interested curiosity. Her brown skin shimmers with a delightful smoothness. Her lips appear in a perpetual near smile , if she likes you. And they were so now , as she stared back at the person before her. She stood up revealing a set of legs that would elicit the attention of any man who appreciated the loveliness of a attractive and fit woman. Now she wore a full on smile as she came around the desk and spread her arms. The old man gladly moved into the welcoming embrace.
” Hello , miss Cat. Its been too long. How have you been?” She is called miss Cat because of her ability to see things through small animals. She generally uses cats and has the same grace and agility as one. She is a hybrid combination of human and proxy alpha centauri. Her abilities are exceptional. Even though he refers to The full blooded proxy alpha centauri , the freckled dark haired Sara , as the mystic , miss Cats mental capabilities seem to exceed that of hers. He had simply referred to freckles as the mystic awhile back and it stuck.
” I’m good. I’ve missed you. You need to give up that on the road job and take something near by. How has that been going anyways. I’ve been watching them through the calico cat. His psychic powers are more developed than we anticipated. It might be an artifact of the schizophrenia. I know freckles has been using that to influence him and guide him to her through the dream world. I fear she may be trying to entice them into a trap in order to remove them from earth. If she takes them to the transneptunian station , it is hard telling what she might do. She certainly knows that between him and the little girl , they possess the mental power to unlock the information containing the mathematical formulae necessary to utilize teleportation.”
The old man looked at her. He shared her concern. Both Travis and little Sara lived a previous life where a theory of quantum gravity was discovered. They read books and learned knowledge that would allow dark haired Sara and her people to acquire technology that could produce unbelievable feats in this universe. They just just recently learned how to use Schrodinger’s equation to map out and connect parallel universes. This project was accelerated due to miss Cat and her team of hybrids working with the human PH.D counterparts. These humans were recruited from some of the most prestigious universities around the world , in secret. And there is a lot more math involved than just Schrodinger’s equation.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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