Travis Smith


A GIRL AND NEPTUNE. part 1 The Dream World

Travis and Sara stepped into the dimly lit room. They just came in from outside where they had been winding around the strange geysers shooting liquid nitrogen far into the sky. The ominous blue sphere is hovering in the frame of the window where they stand staring in confusion at the old man. He is sitting there smoking a cigar and smiling. The whirl of blue smoke stretches out and seems to lure the two visitors in the entrance into the presence of their host. The three beings remain in a whispering silence for a moment.
The old man takes a deep inhalation of smoke and finally breaks the quiet with an utterance of a cryptic question. ” Are you awake , my friends ?”
Sara glanced at Travis and then left his side and found herself in front of the mysterious old man. She studied his Face and found any fear she had felt only a moment ago completely vanished from her. A inexplicable familiarity of him hung at the edge of her mind like a obscured image of a lost friend. It was almost deja vu. The man looked up and smiled largely now seemingly delighted at Sara’s intrigue.
He put out his hand and gestured at a chair. ” please , sit my dear ”
Sara smiled and sat in a chair that had somehow been pulled out for her. She could not take her eyes off of him. A series of images and feelings and thoughts flooded her mind in a pleasant flurry of recollections of dream like memories. This was like a dream where the dreamer becomes lucid but does not wake up. She suddenly became acutely aware of the solidness of the chair and the wooden floor beneath her. She could vividly smell the musky air of a house that has not been well ventilated for awhile , but it was a nice comforting aroma that made her exhilarated. She was only vaguely aware she was smiling like a Cheshire cat. She finally managed to look away from the old man and turned her head to Travis who was still standing in the entrance in a state of obfuscation. She motioned with her hand for him to come over. After a few seconds he slowly glided over to a chair across from Sara with the old man to his right at the head of the table.
Again a state of silence fell over the room. It was not a uncomfortable one but only allowed for the three to take in their environment and allowed them to acclimate to it. The light bulb dangled from the ceiling with a slight sway that cast shadows like schizophrenic shape shifters writhing in some grotesque dance around them , perhaps spirits conjured up from some nightmarish otherworldly realm frantically trying to escape.
Travis looked over at the beautiful woman across from him. He knew he should know her but could not immediately recognize her. Flashes of her appeared in his mind. He saw her as a young girl and at other ages. She now was a young lady perhaps in her early twenties. She had exotic blue eyes with wild yellow hair dangling down her head like the mane of a lion.
His confusion must of been apparent because Sara looked at him and asked ” Do you know who I am ?”
He opened his mouth and tried to answer but for some reason he was overcome with a violent wave of emotion and only a strange sound came out as he tried to gain his composure. ” I – I know you are the girl I dream about… Sara.”
“Yes…I dream about you as well.”
A moment passed and the old man took another puff of smoke and filled the room with the pleasant aroma of his tobacco and asked them if they ever woke up in a dream before. Neither of the two arrivals answered. The old man continued. ” In quantum mechanics there are a number of strange occurrences that still baffle physicists after one hundred years. You have entanglement , interference pattern , superpositions , tunneling just to name a few. In fact , Niels Bohr said anyone who is not shocked by the quantum theory does not understand it. I remember just how passionate he was.
You can compare quantum mechanics to a dream and the things in the dream will make more sense and prove more comprehendible than quantum mechanics. Just like a dream , things can appear and disappear. Things can be in two places at once. What I have come to know is that when we dream our brains are experiencing something similar to what we would in hyperspace. In fact as you will soon come to understand , a part of our minds are tuned to higher dimensional space. And if a Person can learn to master lucid dreaming they can venture further into this majestical world. ”
He was looking at them very closely. He gave the impression of professor lecturing students and watching for signs of comprehension. He drew in on his cigar. He now looked beyond them as if searching for what to say next.
” Let us refer to this higher dimension as Hilbert space. A Hilbert space describes all the possible states of a quantum system. It is in this Hilbert space where a superposition occurs. Speaking mathematically , in the complex coefficients. Think of vector spaces that describe direction and magnitude. In quantum mechanics you will use complex number theory and the imaginary number plane denoted by i. Erwin Schrodinger was astonished when he realized the math was telling him even macroscopic objects could be in states of superposition. Usually quantum effects become overwhelmed as you move up in magnitude. However , it really shouldn’t be too surprising I think , that scientists are discovering that quantum effects do persist in the large scale world of everyday experience. This superposition seems to play a rule in photosynthesis allowing phontons of light to utilize every path in a leaves structure simultaneously. But back when Schrodinger was discovering the phenomenon it seemed to bizarre to accept and he concocted his infamous cat in a box scenario in order to demonstrate the absurdity of the idea.
This alive cat / dead cat problem is said to still be unresolved.

Travis Smith
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