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The Dream World part 2. A girl and Neptune
I want to explain how the dream world works in the story in order to avoid confusion. In the dream world , I am typically with yellowed hair Sara. In most of the universes and the dream world we are around the same age. In universe 4 , I am a twenty something schizophrenic , while Sara is 8 years old. In reality there are an infinite amount of universes with innumerable scenarios. But we are focusing on a limited amount near similar ones that are linearly ordered , ergo , only slightly different. There are indeed two different Sara’s. There is the yellowed haired Sara , and the dark haired Sara, who is featured in universe 4 as a schizophrenic hallucination. She is a real Sara and is a prominent feature in universe 1 , but turns out to be from the triple star system proxima centauri.The Dark haired Sara is referred to as the mystic by a certain group because of her ability to sense other peoples thoughts and feelings and her ability to appear in others dreams and influence their mind.
I am just letting the story evolve as I go. The details of the idea are not entirely preconceived. As I’ve mentioned this is a fairly new idea that developed as a result of a meeting with a woman who would end up getting me kicked out of Allen correctional inst. She is not really the one whom kicked me out , but her actions lead to that result. So that in turn has caused a paradigm shift in the story’s foundation. Originally it was going to be based on one Sara. But I saw an opportunity to have a Sara based on a questionable character that seems to have a dark side from another world. I am leaving certain doors open so I can take different paths along the way.I can’t give a too specific account about what things are based on what , but I will say each Sara is inspired by real people , so too is miss cat , yet to be introduced.

Universe 2. Sara sat on Travis’s couch sipping a cup of coffee. She was leaning forward huddled and shaking. A large dark blue clock with an owl and a crescent moon hung above her showing the early morning hour. She knew Travis wouldn’t be mad at her for showing up at this hour, especially since it was related to their work at the observatory. He had been deeply fascinated by the photos they had taken of the strange lights. But now she was telling him about the unsettling encounter with the two mysterious men and that they were demanding the photographs taken at Mt. Wilson in California. She told him that someone was behind her on the the highway. A pair of headlights were behind her the whole trip.
Travis listened to what she had to say and got up and walked over to the window. He scanned the dark street and looked at the few cars parked along the curb. Only one street light dimly illuminated the section of the block to either side of his house. He squinted his eyes straining to see into the emptiness behind the different cars’ windows. One vehicle to the left seemed like it might have two figures sunk down in the seat. Were they in there, peering back at him? Or was it merely his imagination raising up out of the depths of his mind as he stared into the perfidious night , turning shadows into bogeymen that were spying on them from some nightmarish dream world? He felt a chill slither down his body and pulled the curtain closed.
He walked over to Sara and motioned for her to get up. She looked at him concerned and confused ” what? Is someone out there? Travis , tell me.”
” No , uh , I don’t know , I don’t think so. I just got the creeps or something. Let’s go to the bedroom.” He reached out for her hand. She looked frightened and just sat there staring up at him like she wasn’t sure what to do. She was too scared to move. She looked over at the curtained window and pictured the two men standing out there in the dark staring coldly at the house trying to figure out how and when to come sneaking in…And then what?
The only light on was in the bathroom. The door was left half way open and cast the bedroom in a soft glow that reached only half way across the bed before leaving the rest in the grip of darkness , where Sara and Travis sat next to each other whispering in sulking silence. Sara quietly recounted the unsettling encounter as Travis listened with the calm of a intrigued child hearing a intense bedtime story.
The day before the two had been at the observatory late night because the skies were crisply clear and the stars shone brightly. They were seeking not just any particular star, but a whole collection of hundreds of billions of them. They were seeking the Andromeda galaxy. Travis and Sara both loved photographing galaxies and both had a interest in the milky way’s nearest major neighbor. The idea of this massive island of stars with all their own countless planets possibly containing strange and exotic beings living out inconceivable lives across the fathomless stretch of dark space , was a deeply romantic notion for both of them.
As they walked around outside , they noticed peculiar blue and green lights appear over the horizon. Sara had her camera hanging around her neck as usual. She always kept it handy for various reasons. This was one reason Travis had anticipated , but Sara never thought the occasion would come for something like this. There had been reports of unusual lights in the last couple of years. Rumors spread that they were from some kind of unknown aircraft but moved in ways not possible by any known planes on the planet. Did the Russians or Germans achieve a level of technology that surpassed passed the United States? That seemed to be the fear of the people , military as well as civilians. There were surfacing stories that the government was now building secret installations out in the desert again. They supposedly had one in New Mexico where the atomic bomb was made.

Travis Smith
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