Dennis Watson

Sleepless, by Dennis J. Watson

Another sleepless night I lay here & think about you… Now that I found, what would I do without you? I bout with myself more than usual behind the things you do… With all this effort & time I put in I’d be afraid it was you I’d lose… Anything we feud for is worth it… At the same time anything we fuel more will stay lit… I admit the fire I’ve hibernated within me for you burns plenty more than you would imagine… With you on my mind I toss & turn more than I have been… Friends, lovers, or 2 that mentally explore each other is more than I could ever ask… I bet your skin is softer than 1,500 feathers & smells better than a lavender bath… I kinda laugh to myself because I surprise myself how much I… Dive from the highest places my brain could reach to see the heart in you melt… Damn I never felt so alive… Your smile provides every element that could freeze the hands of time… Why would I need gloves? Like the warmth of the hands go along with the heart still I yearn to confide in love… One more hour of your earth gives me the power & courage to face you… What I wouldn’t give to be able to unravel you slow to taste you… Patience usually pays… Truth of the matter is, I’m a fool for you, so don’t once be fooled by the grays that my chin displays… Rays of the suns isn’t the only thing that is able to keep your body nourished… Your the wish I get after the candles were once lit & the gift I spoke into existence… The intensity of my persistence will bring futile resistance no matter the distance… only if you knew the time spent putting you at the top of my wish list… I sleep less & think of you more without 1 boring thought that occurs… If it serves me correctly your nerves would relax as my tongue explores the bend in your curves… Hours blur as you flower serves necter sweeter than any sector of chocolate… Every eyelid is unlock when you switch your hips & all I wanna be is the pockets… I never knock until I try or the door gets slightly opened… I’m precise with everything that I want, so it’s difficult losing focus… I’ve been a hopeless romantic with a heart damaged so bad that it barely beats… I’m never at a loss for words, but when I see you it becomes so hard to speak… Could you teach me how to love? Convince me that nothing matters that once was? Be the drug that I come back begging for more of? Even better, the family I could never be torn from… Love, happiness, & a place where peace lives… The drum humms the rhythm of harmony the wind gives… Once it’s with you, then I will have lived… Until then, I die slow, & sleepless…

Dennis J Watson
DOC #A632936

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