Dennis Watson


I think of you all the time but you don’t even know it… I keep my distance, so it’s hard to show it… I know if I had the opportunity to show you things would be different… I guarantee all the stress you had before me would be lifted… Would you be the gift that I always prayed to receive? Or the curse & I would be beg you to leave? I believe you would be the most important person I’ve known… You should’ve been a surgeon, because it’s so much of my heart to you I’ve shown… I’ve thrown myself out in the open with hopes that eloping would elevate… I’m usually introverted, so things like that I don’t demonstrate unless… I feel there’s a weight that you could lift off of my shoulders the world still holds onto… I just feel something so strong in the little time that I’ve known you… I focus so much on my instincts & then think of everything but control you… The old me would never be introduced, only the man here to console you… I’ve folded myself more than origami to find me so why leave once you tried me? I could be food for the intellect like ivy league schools or the medicine you need in I.V’s… Wait, need? cause the truth within attachment is evil… All I see is your beauty without the lip liner or deep rouge… If you choose me, I will be here until you choose to lose me… And get amused by someone whose not as serious & will confuse things… Silence sings the loudest between the deep stares that we drown in, but they only last for seconds… If love is the word we found 1st hopefully you return for seconds… I want to save certain sectors for my heart for you… I’m just afraid that if you learn certain portions of my past that it would be too dark for you… I’ve longed for you since we’ve 1st made eye contact… Now I give portion of myself to you that I don’t want back… I’ll never slack, lie, or dry out like most loves do… I’ve been used, hurt, abused, & loved less than a foster child that was never adopted… You’re the 1st flower I’ve found in the sahara desert that had fully blossomed… I play possum because I’ve learned lots of things in my lifetime… Like the time when our energies crossed each other I knew not to let you pass by… Why not give me the opportunity? Even if it never equals out to be a you & me… All I see, is a connection that potentially could last forever… To develop into something deeper than the physical world & even our souls couldn’t sever… whatever your decision may be I’m grateful… & if you’re just passing through… If not I will always be here waiting to love for a lifetime… Only if you knew…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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