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HEAR MY VOICE, by McQueen Varnes

Our thoughts are powerful and creative, for they create the voice of God within us, and so I would say God’s voice is most often internal.

Today’s message is to:

However, we need to be careful who we share with.
Because God has been speaking to us internally
and not everybody is receptive to the message.

A perfect example is when satan interjected thoughts 
into Peters heart that caused him to speak againt 
Jesus in Matt 16:21-27.

People who aren’t acustomed to taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ, take evil thoughts that begin to come againt the vision God has given them by speaking these evil thoughts into existence.

In Matt 16:22, the literal translation says, ”Merciful to you, May God be merciful.” 

So in essence, the father of lies was tring to steal, kill, and destroy what God had purposed to accomplish through Christ, by saing let the mercy of God fall on and stop at you.

Take it all for yourself, this world doesnt deserve God’s mercy to pass from you and rest upon them. But Jesus chose to listen to and obey only the voice of his father, which was internal.

Jesus said in the Gospels, ”Should I asked to be delivered from this hour, it was for this hour I have come into this world.”

So turn down the external volume of fear doubt and unbelief, and you will clear the way to hear the eternally internal voice of God within us.

Have a great day and God Bless You. 🙂 

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