Donovan Miller

Miscalculated Mind, by Donovan Miller

The question is how did I not realize that my mind was blank becuz what the right hand was teaching the left wasn’t right and all that I had left was a miscalculated mind,character and action–my stomach growled with hunger pains and what my eyes seen was dollar signs,Lack of sleep running the streets looking over my shoulder eyes in the mirror-rearview I see no black shadows following me–the sound of the tires screetch as they grip the black paved streets hearing red and blue sirens with acceleration the motor increased a miscalculated mind with a pounding heart beat.

120 MPH with shots being fired with a flash of life before the eyes it seemed like death was ahead with no preparation to die,Cars flip over sounds of horns and screams– to a surprise opened eyes the sight of smoke and voices of others cries—-the miscalculated mind.Lesson not learned the mind proceeded to do otherwise the hunger and pain of the stomach was fed with street life,Words fell deaf to the ears of the miscalculated mind it got deep like water with cement block feet but what hadn’t been realized was the coruption of this miscalculated mind.

Donovan Miller
DOC #634-892

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