Timothy Kearney

Ventilation System *Just Venting*, by Timothy Kearney

‘Love Known’

“I recently watched this movie called “Beastly” starring Vanessa Hudgens and its amazing the things you learn about love when you allow your heart the chance to understand it..As a man who’s been in love I know how love feels…but to know the different types of love that intimately exists is mind blowing when you’re the one who’s truly searching for it..you see..I sincerely am a man who needs to fall in love..I want to fall in love with my best friend.. but I have to meet her first..I must truly get to know her..I have to do this within forced limitations..You see…being incarcerated searching for love has it’s pros and cons.. If I am blessed with the opportunity to meet her and we begin our journey this will give us the chance to build our relationship up with a friendship first.. getting to know each other..getting to know our personalities…our likes and dislikes…about our families..our past.. our present..our future..this will give us the chance to fall in love with the person instead of meeting in society and then a few days later being intimate with each other and allowing that to move the relationship on a faster course that would probably not work…they say you dont know someone until you live with them..(mentally as well as physically)… because we have know idea who each other is..been there done that..it rarely works..so getting to know each other is a priority..I want my next relationship to work..I want it to last..i want it to end with us being together…me getting to know you is so important to me..I used to believe that I was simply in love with the concept of what being in love is..until I felt the pain of love.. the hurt of love..the loss of love..but more importantly..the joy and happiness of it..I want the joy of it.. happiness of it..I want to wake up and kiss her every morning..cuddle with her every night..hold her hand while walking wherever..once again I got this picture in my head of the woman i want to meet.. but in all actuality..I can’t limit myself to that..because love comes in many variations…therefore I want to meet the one who has that compatible personality which coincides with mine…I know that she’s out there somewhere waiting for our paths to cross…and I pray when she reads this she smiles…smiles because my words touches her heart…because she believes in them..she trust them..she understands them..but most of all…she’s been waiting to read them..I know this situation may be a hard pill to swallow as far as giving a man in my situation that opportunity…but I’m not your average incarcerated man..I don’t want to meet her for money,or visits,or phone calls…or to help this situation be easier…I want to meet her so that we both have that opportunity to fall in love with someone who wants to be love just as much as they do..I want to meet her so we can start working on us…I have a chance at coming home soon and they say love can move mountains…I believe that..I believe in it just as much as I believe in love…so to whomever reads this..whomever falls in love with my words and believes in them..from the bottom of my heart im truly looking forward to the day we finally meet..I know we haven’t met yet..but I can’t wait to be able to say that I love you and thank you for giving me the chance to make you happy because that’s what you’re doing for me”…
Inspired Songs:”Harveston Lake” by Johnny Rain & “Thinking Out Loud” -acoustic by Meg Birch..

Timothy Kearney
DOC #1174098

Email address Timothy Kearney#1174098@jpay.com

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