Matthew Newton

Racist Against Humanity: (part one), by Matthew L Newton

Much of this is unrefined and will seem abit “off the cuff” at times, yet the concepts are true and from the heart, so bare with me.

My name is Matthew Lee Newton, I am 42 years old, I murdered my best friend.

Now, apart from the one given, and it only being a given based on outdated standards, the previous sentence only tells you the truth. My name and what I have done. It does not tell you what color my skin is, what religious preferences I might have or even with any certainty what gender I am.

Let me be clear. It does not say those things, because NONE OF THOSE THINGS MATTER.

I am a Human, who was given a name at birth that I as a Human have chosen to honor out of love for my family and the people who gave me the name. As a Human I have committed crimes that against Humanity, so justly have been punished.

How much sympathy would you have for me if I said I was a white guy, or a black female, or a young LGBTQ mexican immagrant.

What if I said I was a Christian, A Jew? Islamic? Would any of that make a difference?
Would any of that change the crime? Would any if that change the way anyone looks at the crimes I’ve commited?

The answer is no. It would not. I would still be a Human who killed another Human.

Question: Why is that when we look at the animal kingdom we say that a lion, a couger or a tiger are all apart of the Cat Species, but when we look at other Humans we are all from different races? Not the Human Race, but the Human Races?

Answer that.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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