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Inmate Blogger is ready to become the worldwide leader in inmate blogging. We want to give EVERY inmate the opportunity to have a voice through this platform. Blogging is such a positive alternative when compared to all the misconduct that goes on within prison.  Writing is a great activity that promotes rehabilitation, growth, and healing.

We have over 700 inmates and over 4400 blog posts so far. We do not charge the men/women any kind of fee for blogging here on Inmate Blogger. We volunteer our time and give our hearts to this prison writing project.

Please take a moment to visit our GoFundMe campaign:

WHY WE NEED FUNDS:  To pay for stamps to email inmates (each email costs 1 estamp). For marketing and advertising. For web design. For domain name renewals. For a PO Box. For email software. And for all other business expenses related to up keeping this site.

Please help us reach our goal so that we can give more inmates a voice. They will benefit so much by being able to write here on Inmate Blogger. Spread the word by sharing this GoFundMe campaign with your friends & family, and you can also visit our DONATIONSpage.

Thank you.

Every little bit helps.
Your support means so much!


Steven & Suzie Jennings


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