Antonio Powell

One Day, by Antonio Powell (SincerelyBenjiiB)


One Day all the tribulations will be over with,,,, One Day the truth a come out and I don’t have to worry about exposing it,,,One Day I’ll find the one that’s gone be for me,,,One Day I’m gone be back on track going Beat for Beat,,,I gotta say I’m thankful just for being alive,,,I know they see the pain and hurt when taking a look in my eyes,,,So confused but gotta stay focus just to read between the lines,,,She told me she loved me but showed me different that’s how I knew she was lying,,,It still hurts but One day I’ll get over it,,,I know they’ll never forget me but I gotta ask the most high to forgive me been through alot but a never let it get me,,,Everything has a deeper meaning and one day you’ll know what it all meant to me,,,,actions already taken so no thought about the penalty,,,Devil intentions make you wonder what’s got into me,,,One Day things a be better so don’t express your sympathy cuz you never been through it but you probably got Empathy I know I’m coming Home One Day and that’s gone be the Ultimate Victory!

#StayWoke #TemporarySituationsDontLastForever
R.B.A.C. L.O.V.E

Antonio Powell
DOC #750-160

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