Kalen Nielsen

TOPIC: WRONGLY CONVICTED OUT OF FEAR (part #1), by Kalen Nielsen

Hello,I have been incarcerated since 1/22/2015 out of Nelson County, I’m at Buckingham CC. Under the accusations that I hurt my precious 3 mo.old son that had a seizure in the morning,while I was walking into the livingroom where he was laying on the couch. I also have a beautiful young daughter too,that was born prematurely at 27.5weeks early at 1.ld13.oz/13inches tall. In which,We qualified for a caregiver to help in care of her. I feel so lost without my children I Love Both of my children extremely Alot,that I’m so heart broken over and feel so remorseful,that this matter it’s taking a toll on my health. On that day this happen as I witnessed my son have a seizure,I walked quickly to his aide to noticed my son wasn’t breathing or in shock. So I quickly took my son into my children’s room to lay him on the changing table as I submitted C.P.R on him,checked his air way to see if he was chocking. I got him to breathe again. I called my girlfriend to hurry home,called 911. And he was taken to UVA hospital by helicopter. My girlfriend,daughter and I went to the hospital to see what happen with our son. But no one would speak with us. Then a Det.Billy Mays and a DSS worker Sarah Johnson asked to speak with us,me first. He stated I wasn’t under arrest but needed to ask questions in order to get a better idea how to help my son. He never read me any Miranda warnings at anytime. So as I was being fully cooperative with him he asked how my son was hurt? I said the only thing I knew of anything that may had hurt my son,was when my daughter was running around on our bed with a toy truck when she fell hard towards him accidentally, hitting him on the left side of his head, putting a bruise on his temple and under his left eye. I also stated I submitted C.P.R on my son too,in which that may had hurt him too? But that’s all I knew. But Det.Mays insisted and started coercing me into trying to make me believe I hurt my own son,when I didn’t. This went on for a hour an half. Then he stated there’s no intent. Then went to speak with my girlfriend. Then we spoken to the Doctors to get further info., We found out that our son was injured further than we thought. I had no idea how my son was hurt the way they claimed and I never thought to bring to their attention that we had a caregiver, because I was more concerned about my sons care. Then as We were walking down the hall at the hospital Det.Mays insisted we should speak,so again I was fully cooperative as we walked into the same room as before but,this time I noticed that the DSS worker was closing the blinds and as she finished with the blinds she peaked through the blinds then turned towards Det.Mays and said,Go! And as soon as she said that Det.Mays started to make verbal threats towards as he leaned over the table stating in a threaten tone,”That I better tell him what he wanted to know or he’d make sure I’d never see my family ever again and make sure I’d get a life sentence if I didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear!” So the first thing I thought of was my young children, family and how my girlfriend and daughter were in the waiting room, waiting on me. So I just lied to get this man out of my face. After all this occurred Det.Mays with DSS Johnson went to talk to the Doctors alone,then we all spoken together again. Det.Mays,then remarked that I was not allowed to return home,and my girlfriend cried and I hugged our daughter,as I have to watch them walk away from me as I stood helplessly on the hospital curb. So I called the caregiver to come pick me up and she took me to my house but,I asked her to park across the street that way to not cause trouble. My girlfriend and the caregiver went into the house and packed me a bag and driven my truck across the street for me and we spoke awhile,kissed and said We’ll meet up tomorrow to figure out what happen with our son. So I followed the caregiver to her place and slept on the couch. The next morning My girlfriend and I met at a Subway as we talked,I gave her all my money,and I paid all the bills up front to help and we discussed what happen,but I was clueless still on how my son was hurt. That same morning while I was out conducting business,the caregiver called me to say the police was looking for me. so I said,I’ll be right there and was in 10minutes. She handed me a business card that the police gave her,so I called the number to inquire what this was about and the dispatcher said,just stay there someone is coming to speak with me. So I called my girlfriend and landlord tell share what had happen and waited, but I got impatient after waiting on the police for a hour an twenty minutes before the officer arrived. When the officer arrived I was fully cooperative with him and got in his car and was taken to jail. The caregiver cried and said,she’d call the girlfriend and get me help. When I was in booking,I became very depressed and suicidal so they placed me on suicide watch. The next day I was taken to the Charlottesville jail. When there,I called home and my girlfriend and caregiver and others were supportive of me. They visited me. But I hadn’t gone to court or seen an attorney at all for a month. After a month gone by I was taken to the Nelson Court and was appointed a court appointed attorney Brady Nicks. I was given a bond by judge Kenneth Farrar and I was going to get bonded out and get supported by others, but the assistant states attorney Jerome Gress Insisted to the judge,they wouldn’t allow it to happen. The judge tried to argue with the attorney but they insisted to revoke the bond. So I was taken back to the jail. Then a few weeks afterwards the attorney Brady Nicks finely came to see me at the jail. When speaking with the attorney I shared everything with him about what conspired and shared about the threats Det.Mays made towards me. I made it known that I didn’t hurt my son and I needed help?

Kalen Nielsen
DOC #1612460

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