I’M SORRY EMILY, by Micheal Mcdaniel

sitting here looking out the window,watching rain drops fall from the sky/regreting the decisions i’ve made,that lead to the reasons you cry/it seems everything good in my life,i ball up and throw away/and soon as i do it i regret it that same day/i dont mean to do it it’s never part of the plan/i hope you can forgive me one day; and maybe even understand/i have the best of intentions in everything i do/i want you to know i would never intentionally hurt you/with a clear head i can say im sorry,as i stare out of these bars/but i cant seem to take away your pain, let alone erase some of your scars/i know for the both of us mainly you that times have been hard, and i’ve broken you down/you went against your morales and what you believed in just to be around/i was selfish and took for granted the love you gave/it was all about me, you never even had your day/i’ve waisted money and caused you unecessary tears/i feel foolish and cant even look at myself in the mirror/i want to spend the rest of my life making you see/i can be the man you need me to be/just one more chance and i’ll prove this is true/good night & sweet dreams emily I LOVE YOU….

Michael C Mcdaniel
DOC #a718-514

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