Matthew Newton

A Journey to Discover Truth: (The Fallout), by Matthew L Newton

On the grounds before a river near the road beside a lake, sits the car behind a barn that drove us to our summer place. Inside the car a seat that sits a kid and with him mom, who plugs a lighter in and cracks the window with a yawn.

“You up?” She questions knowing yes but asks because he ignores. Not her but more the world drowned out by demonic headphone chorus.

“No.” An answer ‘wow’ she thinks but this may be a trick, he usually hears her, mostly anyway the days he picks.

Show Compassion By Sharing Wisdom.

With every breath we give each other space. With every beat our hearts hear, the whispered touch of color that for us seconds wait. ‘I could have been…’ ‘I should have done…’ ‘I would have had…’ These tricks we play on each other. I remember the days that I had on my own like the days that I had with my mother.

The further you have come within these lessons the longer it takes you to look. You see the feeling I’ve relayed, fought the urge to turn away from understanding that in all of us lay the necassary yet frightening prospects of violence, anger, rage and deciet. Like virus’s they lie dormant, waiting for us to strike. Reader be warned, you are no different then any of us here, you have instead made better choices.

The child is like every fragile surface, unblimmished, unchanged, clean. The mother his safe gaurd, though within the car they are protected from the worlds malace, yet without?
Seeking this is like looking for a penny, soon enough one will blink from exsistance. All that will be left is a pool of twos. Where everything and everyone are juxtaposisions of everything and everyone else. If not already.

What is the world without a 2?

This is the share. Be willing to pass a bit of yourself to others. They deserve it. You will gain from it. The world may keep spinning.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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