Angel Dejesus

LOVE, by Angel Dejesus

I like to dedicate this poem to my partner my soulmate my life, Jennifer Dejesus. I also want everyone who take the opportunity to read this, that as a man incarcerated for 24 years and continuing to work on myself I’ve come to understand that when love comes to you it don’t matter were you are. All that matters is that you give the same love back. I hope you all enjoy my thoughts and feelings for my queen.

She came to me like a dream in the night only to show me a different life,
She’s taking me hostage and left no ransom note.
She quenches my thirst all thru the day and at night she rocks me to sleep with out a touch or song, “LOVE” is what I feel..
Yet their isn’t a face or reflection just a warm that comes over me when ever she’s around.
“LOVE” how sweet it sounds and how good it feels, it takes me to the highest mountains and is the air I need to breath under water. Place nothing above it.
“LOVE”, for that’s who you are “LOVE”. To my one and only Brownsuga…. JENN…
Thank you

Angel R Dejesus
DOC #1037159

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