Travis Smith

Science, Philosophy, Politics and Poems (part 1), by Travis M Smith

Universe 1. 2020
He hadn’t seen her in two days and was worried. As first year students they had been required to live on campus. Both of them would end up staying at other places sometimes but they kept in touch. And neither missed class but only every once in awhile. She hadn’t been to class for several days and he was sick to his stomach thinking he might never see her face again. The thought was unbearable. The sound of her voice made him melt and to think he’d never hear that again either was driving him mad. He already made his way through the college asking everyone if they had seen her. No. He next tracked down a young Lady named Mel who she seemed to be good friends with. The last time she saw her was the same day he had. She mentioned a particular area Sara would go to whenever she started to get depressed and go into deep thought. Mel told him there was a place over by Jamestown Near the national park. She would camp out there by herself. It sounded a little dangerous to Travis. He had Been watching the news about all these sexual assults and was horrified at how many predators seemed to be out there lurking the streets. He imagimed her laying there in the dark alone and some creep spying on her unseen. His heart was racing and he literally felt nauseous. He knew they didn’t know each other that well but he wondered why she wouldn’t at least let him know he would not see her in awhile instead of letting him go crazy worrying about her.
He looked up the map online and stared at it with purposeful interest. While studying it he thought about what stuff might be useful in case he ended up staying out of town. Suddenly he felt that eerie sensation he was sometimes overwhelmed with. He glanced in the rearview mirror. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was him. It was the mysterious guy from Celina Ohio who used to follow him around. He never could figure out why. At first he thought the guy was some kind of pervert. But he has been stalking him for years and never made any kind of move. And besides the feeling he got just didn’t seem to indicate something sinister like that. The first time he saw him he was about thirteen. That’s when he complained to his parents and his dad was irate thinking some weirdo was following his boy. But somehow the mystery man moved around like a ghost and no one but himself ever spotted the man. He was an older guy with a very serious demeaner. He never once saw him smile or act casual. He always seemed to be on some grave mission that rendered his expression in a perpetual scowl.
Now here he was in Colorado following him. It has been about two years since he even spotted him. He looked visibility older with white hair and noticeable wrinkles. He had a different vehicle. What the hell was he doing? Who the hell was he? When Travis held his gaze in the mirror the man put his car in drive and pulled way in the opposite direction. Travis wondered when he would see him again. Then a more strange thought occurred to him. Did he know where Sara was ?

The sun was beginning to set behind the mountains. She loved this moment in the day when the sky was streaked with psychedelic colors that looked like a madman on LSD just went crazy and wildly threw mixed paint at the horizon. The calm tranquility eased her depression. She had grown used to it by now. These little bouts of sadness became part of her life cycle. They were never too much for her to handle but when she ran into Travis it triggered a severe episode and she couldn’t understand why. She liked him and knew he had strong feelings for her. They were both young and single and had a long future ahead of them. If they were falling in love and nothing bad existed to ruin the possibility of them being together , why was she becoming depressed? It didnt make sense. She has been attracted to men before. But only once did she ever think the word love in her mind. That was a few years ago when was sixteen. She knew she was young and naive about such matters. The guy was a few years older than her and at first he seemed like a nice person. But over time she realized he was just playing around and had a couple of other women he was seeing. He had a charming way that put you at ease. His sense of humor was easy and disarming. And he was very good looking. Too good looking. Women were always swooning over him and flirting where ever they went. He’d smile at them and cast them a certain look that let them know he was interested in them. She was over him and thinking back she knew it was just a crush of physical attraction. She had preconceived notions about how she wanted him to be but they never matched reality and she eventually came to her senses.
Right away she knew it was different with Travis. Ever since they ran into each other she has had butterflies in her stomach like never before. It was a feeling much more profound than just some crush. She could not think of the words and , god she should of told him that she would be gone. It was like some sick part of her didn’t say anything because she wanted him to wonder and worry about her. How terrible was that. Was it a test to see if he would be driven to find her? She knew Mel knew about this place and Travis knew how to fine Mel. If he felt the same way she knew he would worry enough to come find her. She felt guilty though. If he does feel a certain way he must be going crazy looking for her. It felt sadistic to do this to him.She could sense he was a nice guy and here she was toying with his emotions. And what would she say when she does see him and he asked why she didn’t say anything? Oh, sorry I just wanted to see if you liked me, ha ha ha , do you? Now she felt a little embarrassed.
She laid back and watched as the first stars began to appear like ghost pressing their face against the black velvet sheet of night

Travis Smith
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