Caroline Peoples

A Spoken Word, by Caroline Peoples

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

At a time such as this
It is a must that I speak
The truth that exists
In these times that we sleep
Wasting lives playing game
That keeps us deaf, dumb, and blind
To the death and destruction that awaits in these times
This is planet earth that is and once was not
God spoke this into existence and we came from who begot
Generations multiplied old curses passed on
The devils destruction was planned far before we were born
We sit and play church cause God looks good on you
As the holy spirit falls away from me and no word lives in you
The final hour is at hand life or death in our midst
When you hear your friend speak why you can’t hear the hiss
Old things pass away as we sit getting passed by
I know I’m not the only one in my soul I cry
About this life that I live in maze with all these rats
Being stabbed in my heart by those I thought had my back

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The earth is still on the day that the Lord comes to claim
The ones in the book of life who are called by their name
I ask myself will the Lord let me in
Do I believe as I say or is it all just pretend
Do I secretly doubt with a heart filled with hate
Jealousy, envy, lies keeping me out the gate
Have I done my best on this earth serving God
Or passed the responsibility on because ” girl that is not my job”
Did I speak life or death to those I am around
Or used this ginsu tongue to cut them down to he ground
Have I forgiven for real or just said the words
As I spread you the gossip of what I just heard
Do I feed this filthy flesh more than I pray to the Lord
Doing what I know to be wrong just because I am bored
Only when I offend am I loud and so bold
As I smile in your face and hate you in my soul

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The devil roams to and fro seeking to devour
This world getting worse every minute of every hour
We sit and watch the news it’s all bad it’s all death
As we attempt to enjoy the little that is left
Temporary pleasure can cause eternal hell
As we gain in this world it’s our souls that we sell
So it’s time to wake up stay woke you have no time to sleep
How can I endure hells fire when I can’ t handle Florida heat
Whatever you put out into the atmosphere you will see again
Will you reflect God or will Go only see your sin
No redemption in deeds and faith without works is dead
Will I live honoring man or the bible verses I’ve read
Tomorrow is not promised and death claims lives everyday
We serve a God of second chances but what if He comes today
What if we wait too long and our excuses aren’t heard
Because we sit here in this church and refuse to live the word
No one is perfect and there are none righteous not one
Yet it is an emergency to give your life to God and His only begotten Son
There is no in between either you win or you lose
No second chance without our name in the Lambs Book of Life so be wise when you choose

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

That time is not yours so why do you claim it
Demons are not toys trust me out can’t tame it
The demons we let in have no key to the door
God said get away from her so what are you holding on to her for
You do not need attachments familiar spirits flee
Stand alone if you have to your friends are phony

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

You only come to church when your chick says it’s okay
You can’t deal with reality so you high everyday
Watching people in church who are trying to serve God
Pointing out all their flaws like somebody gave you that job
Despising those who walk past you with their heads held high
Not realizing the millions of tears they may have had to cry
To get to a place where they finally see beauty within
Now that they are redeemed you keep talking about their old sins
You don’t realize how wonderful it is to say I used to be
For God to use that past as a testimony
Being of this world is not good no not at all
You will cry out to God in these times or that moment when unbelievers fall
Time keeps on ticking but our time here is running out
And If you not talking about God then what are you talking about

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

We got locked up for boosting we in prison still stealing
We got locked up for murder and in our minds we still killing
We got locked up for battery and we still in here fighting
We got locked on drug charges and in our hands lighters still lighting
When are we going to stop because being saved we still aren’t changed ?
When will we turn away from what the devil arranged ?
When will we see that if we die today we will burn?
How many times must we fall before we finally learn ?
When will we break away from the prisons that we built around ourselves ?
When will we help to keep our children from burning in hell ?
When will we open our eyes and see that we are nothing like we pretend ?
When will we stop spitting in God’s face with our sins ?
For what is a man profited if he shall gain the world and lose his own soul ?
And where will you be spiritually when the book of revelation completely unfolds.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Be blessed and realize It is time to change.
It is never too late to be who you could have been.
Much Love,

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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