The Strength of Depression, by Joe Goodin

Something that is rarely ever spoken on in here is the biggest battle of all. Most people say nothing because it makes them feel weak to say it. More people than jails and prisons would like to admit have already lost for good. Its not break ups. Its not addiction. Its the kind of pain that no matter how many people are around you or how much someone loves you nobody else can feel. That monster is deppression. It is not something that’s easily explained to those who don’t suffer from it. Those of us that do can see it with one glance, or hear it in someone’s voice from just a couple of words. You have to be incredibly strong just to get through an average day. Sometimes you have to force yourself to eat, or even get out of bed. You see the biggest issue with deppression seems to be that there is no one thing that helps everyone.Then when you do find something that helps and seems to help a lot then the next day it might be the thing that pushes you over the edge. Even you don’t know how you are going to deal with things everyday.For me just having someone to talk to everyday about regular stuff helps. I have not had that in a long time though! Music is incredible most days, and working out makes it so I am not as achy all over as depression seems to make you. I am looking for suggestions and willing to share more experiences and thoughts on this if anyone would like to discuss it with me. And for that one person that’s reading this right now thinking ” no one can help me they don’t get it” please just try not to give in today.Pick up a piece of paper and pen or a jpay tablet or press the keys on the machine and try talking about it a couple of times.I’ll try my best to help and I know now that we are not alone in this even though its our own personal struggle. Continue in your strength, you know you are strong. You made through to today, right?
Thank y’all.

Joe Goodin
DOC #685812

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  1. Hey baby this is your worthless mama I love you with all my heart and I am so sorry for failing you. I truly LOVE you


  2. Joey its been a long time since we have spoke and i hope that this gets to you. This is your cousin mike and carrie i will try to write you and keep in touch I’m not sure how often you get to read this or if there is a different way of getting in contact wuth you stay strong


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