THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS, by Scott Mitchell

Blog #2

If roses are red, and violets are blue,
what kind of color could I use to describe you?
Your black hair’s from Africa, your smooth skin almost white,
your changing greenish eyes, kept me up late lastnight.
That smile of yours could change the directions of stars,
in a dream that I had it was on a child of ours.
It brought tears to my eyes when I wrote that last line,
I’m telling you girl, someday you’ll be mine.
I’d walk to the end of the earth for you, true,
and if given the chance, I will say that “I DO”.
You’re the girl of my dreams, you’re the beat of my heart,
in this play that’s your life, CAN I PLEASE HAVE A PART?

P.O. Box 901
Leavittsburg, OH. 44430

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