Jesse Stinson

by Jesse Stinson

Part 1
Article 1. dear sunne

I’ll start this message off in peace and greet you in the language of my Arabic brothers as-salaamu alakum. My name is JESSE MAURICE STINSON. I am 3300 years of age. It is difficult for me in our current society to relay very personal information about myself, this is usually done by people who are public figures and even they don’t reveal this deep. A man I respect used to say “when you open your mouth or in this case write, you reveal your knowledge or a lack thereof “. Which is why I was always nervous when speaking or writing publically, and also for fear of revealing who I really am and having to trust an unknown reader. which is why I am per usual more nervous than a raccoon at a country pot luck. My purpose here will be to share wisdom and inshalla (god willing) help or inspire a fellow urban philisopher and/or poor righteous student/ teachers.
Here is a few quick facts about me before we start.
I’ve lived in about 14 different States and I can honestly say I’ve caused hell in about half of them.I have 7 brothers and sisters. I am the 3rd generation here in the wilderness. I am a Gemologist. I have an associates and more certifications than you can shake a stick at. I had trained for pro track but i have been runing all my life i did’nt figure out from what untill I was 25. I am a self proclaimed crooner and the #1 fan of Frank Sinatra, and still none of these small bits of information can even begin to describe Who a man is. This article is some what of an icebreaker to introduce myself to those of you who subscribe to this site. for me this is a difficult task for the simple fact that I am the most simple complex enigma that I know. Let’s see how I could explain this, if rocket science cheated on his wife statistical analysis, with a hood rat named addition, and they had a baby they would have had me. Okay now, if Steven Hawkins and Eryka Badu had a baby, yep you got it they would have had me. So, in light of this conundrum I’ll just explain to you what I am and what I am not. At numerous times in our lives we come to the perverbeal fork in the road or as I have termed turning points. These turning points are essential to the make up of a mans character, on all three planes mental, physical and spiritual but only in these challenging situation’s do we have the opportunity to learn about ourselves
excuse me ya’ll , I have selective terrets syndrome of the conscious. sometimes I tend to think of quotes in the middle of writing so bare with me.
see the swami stated our true self is all knowing by its nature. it is the source of infinite knowledge within us.
We are the whole of our experiences, we are a piece of every person who has ever touched our lives, there are not enough words to describe all that lays dormant inside us.
Turning point #1
I was like 11or 12 years old sitting on my friends bike in English woods projects by the highrise and for lack of a better word a “crack head” , let me tell it, appeared out of nowhere, I thought he was just there to buy dope, but that day he had a deeper purpose. Before he left he turned back to me and asked ” a youngster do you know you’re purpose here on this earth”. I guess he knew from the look on my face that I was taken aback so, he answered himself. He said ” your purpose on this earth is to serve god”. I stood there shocked but he had got me to thinking so, I asked him who god was and why I had to be his slave. He laughed at me which pissed me off but, said “youngster that’s you’re journey”. That journey revealed to me the attributes I would need for a civilized existence. What I am is a man. I am a man who contains the mahat or divine intellegence that was used to assist that little atum that was huddled in the darkness waiting to come to annihilation.
Turning point #2
I was about 7 or 8 and me and my mom had just moved to the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. To a war zone called ocatella Apartments. The way it was set up was the Haitian’s and Black’s were on one side of the street and the Mexican’s and Spanish were on the other side of the street. Ocatella dead ended in the middle of this street. A drug war ensued between the Mexicans and Haitian’s for control over this building. It was a hobby of mine to wake up in the mornings and collect AK and 5.56 mm. shell casings because they were so shiney. Sleeping on the floor was a kind of unspoken rule around this area. Most of the tenants had moved out of this building except a hand full who had no other place to go. So, the Haitians felt they could turn our apartment into a headquarters and my mom into his woman regardless of the fact that my mom had a fiance. Needless to say the Haitians tried to kill him. To no avail My mom attempted to shield me and limit my contact with there leader who had taken over our apartment. I was angry cause I felt I was big enough to protect my family and kill him. needless to say sometime later due to the efforts of my mother and my favorite niehbor, Mr. Emitt, got them out of the house with not much loss of life. Maybe a day or two later I was coming out to collect shells and one of the haitians was standing out front when a raggedy red bucket pulled up and a group of mexicans jumped out with rifles and let shells fly . A few day’s after this I had a run in with a group of Latinos who constantly harassed me. so I caught one on this path we used to take to get to school thru a few acres of desert and cracked him in the head with a 40 oz. bottle. A short time.e later me and my mom had a run in with police which ended in my mom…

…, being taken into custody for a warrant out of Ohio. An anger arose from me that still makes me uneasy until this day. It arose to the level that I attempted to spit on the Officer and take his gun. I was taken to a facility and into the custody of Children Services, who bounced me around from State to State that we had been in. Daytona beach, Fl , Orlando, Fl, Alabama, and a few other places until I ended up in Ohio with my Aunt Tenna. All the death and anger that boiled in me up until the point I went to my aunt Tenna’s home I allowed to plague me for years to come. I developed a hate for the Government and a dislike for certain types of authority. See, I lacked the adequate knowledge to understand what was occuring around me. At an early age I came face to face with an issue that others, who have led what society deems as a normal life, don’t have to deal with until they are much older or a tragedy occur’s. That concept is our mortality as men and our limited and/or lack of control over every variable In our lives, like when a man is blessed with a family and the day comes when he witnesses his inability to protect his progeny.
One of mans strongest emotions is his anger. It is our masking emotion. Anger can lead to either constructive or destructive actions. My saving grace and balance in my life was my Uncle Darreyl. Who was a Government Official and self made Entrepreneur. So I guess I don’t even have to say we bumped heads alot until I set out on my own, and only then did his rules begin to register to me. 1) Real men are not afraid of silence 2) Be a leader not a follower if you need to see how watch me 3) If you see fire RUN.
His favorite saying was do not be a donut. I remember asking him what that meant one day and he explained that some men are like donuts to the outside world they look normal but inside they are missing something, or as he says ” they ain’t got it”.
I have been called many names along my journey but what I am not is a SAVAGE in pursuit of happiness. What I am not is a Gangster. No longer can simple words be used to chain me to your perception of who you want me to be !. I am an improvement of Anu with greater power. Power is defined as ones ability to do. I have the ability to let situations in my life effect me in a positive or negative manner. I AM NOT A VICTIM OF MY CULTURE, CIRCUMSTANCE, OR MY PAST.
I make dua that you find your way during the journey you shall encounter on this earth and you revel and be happy in your struggles and obstacles that will appear in your life. give back to those who need it be it wisdom, Financing, or just an ear . Stay tuned there are plenty more stories and jewels on the way. Be on the look out for my book for troubled teens entitled DEAR SUNNE. BY: JESSE MAURICE STINSON. I started this message in peace and I shall end it the same PEACE.

DOC #A710-916

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  1. Why u have to kill my dad people been telling me different story’s for years in I’m go be 18 on may 31 u did this over some stupid shit why it been 10 years he been gone from me in I been living with out a dad every since can’t get phone calls no more from him telling me to spit a bar for him nun of that all cuz of u in boe
    I’m his oldest son Jasani Lewis north


  2. God was in the mist of it all
    The arrest was a under cover kidnapping that put my family in the state that they are in but I thank God
    For setting me free under the hands of these kidnappers who made my life and my son life impossible to live my son is a good son who I love so much and try so hard to pertect keep writing son love Mom


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