My blog is manifested as Q\A.I will give my perception and would like to here how the people see it.The question is “What is more important in a relationship Consistency or communication?Im looking at consistency-considering most relationships fail because someone stop doing something.Women might say”,He stopped bringing me roses or stop doing this and that.Whatever got her attention at first.Or look at how the earth rotate around the sun at 1,037 and 1\3rd mph.Or a day is the time it takes the earth to revolve one time on its axis (app.24hrs).Imagine if it was a defect in this consistant rotation,the world would collapse.Consistency is everythig.Whats your thoughts on this?

DOC #A659133

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  1. Communication is the key in any relationship. Communication helps consistency… It helps to figure out why he or she stop doing the things they do when they started the relationship in the first place and from there you get to figure it out between you two…. I will liken no communication in a relationship as a pinch of salt in a bowl of food, tell me will it have an effect?


    • What you are saying is that you are trying to control your destiny by trial and error at the expense of someone else if it goes wrong then we are quick to blame someone else instead of our decisions. It is a relationship error your tied to ideas that become your gods.


  2. Consistency has to have a binder something to keep it together. Like a monotheistic glue. If you do not use the right glue, consistency will shattered like a plate glass window into sharp shards flying through the air cutting everything it touches. Then what you are communicating to others becomes garbled. You can be consistent in something but if you do not use the right glue it will fall apart over time.


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