Piankhi Grimes

Introduction Blog, by Piankhi Grimes

Peace!! How U Be? As for Self,I’m good and grateful for the opportunity. A little about myself.The honorable name my mother gave me is Piankhi but the attribute I chose for myself is Supreme Jewel.And this is the name I been going by since I found the Knowledge of Self over a decade ago.My physical degree(age) is 39.I’ve been incarcerated since 2009 and my sentence has an L behind it.I’m an avid reader of books so I’m very knowledgeable on a range of topics.I feel I have a lot to offer anyone willing to listen or take Time to read what I have to say.Once again I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to Building with anyone seeking to elevate their level of awareness. I can be reached at Piankhi Grimes 614067 W.C.I. PO Box 120 Lebanon Oh.45036 or at Jpay.com Peace

Piankhi Grimes
DOC #614067

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