Walter West

DAY 6: LOCKDOWN, by Walter West

As usual, the cell was freezing. They served grits, bicuits, chicken patties, jelly, and coffee. I ate a lit hot grits, a biscuit with jelly and a pattie, put 2 sugars in the cofffee, and drank it. Chill out time now. It’s quiet, cold, and I’m still tired from last night…so nap time.
Oh, boy, I’m woke. Not sure what time it is, no cloks. Midday meal has not been served so maybe 9ish sometime. There’s a supersmall toothbrush that everone in lockdown here receives. It’s the length of my thumb, about 3 inches. I got to brush my teeth so…hold on.
Damn, that’s hard to do, expecially when you need to hit your tounge. My youngboy DA just come back from court, let me see what’s up with him.
They served chicken pot pie, black eyed peas, a roll, chocolate cake, and juice for dinner. I don’t eat white rice so I scraped the top offa and ate it with the beans I don’t eat the dinner rolls either. By the way, since I didn’t go to court yesterday I may have to wait til Friday or next monday. That’s a long stay for 2 shot pics (aka naked photos) that wasn’t even in my possession.
All this talk about music last night make me realized how many more songs and albums I wish I had on my MP3 player. From slow jams, R&B, rap to reggeaton, and I remember seeing some speechs from people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and more. Can’t aford any and especially not all the music I want so…moving on.
P Funk left off the tier and went to extended lockdown. There goes our music. Inhale. But he hits to start his new journey without having to worry about being stuck in a bare cell for the holidays. Exhale.
Wow! I had a surprise visit from the Senior Chaplain here. He came to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. He couldn’t believe I was still in the cell. The Dir. of Classification came saw me also. Same thing. It feels good knowing people care about your well being. Thank God for that.
Chow again. Let’s charge this meal to the game. It’s too horrible to mention. I did wrap my cornbread up in toilet paper just in case I need it 2nite. Long way off til breakfast. I’m bout to holla at Honcho right quick to see if he hot 1 sheet of paper to send me. He 5 cells over so hold up. Got it. Some one came thru and dropped 2 sheets of paper off to me. I’m really thinking about working out. I’ve been laying in bed pratically all day for 6 straight days. Como se dice lazy en espanol!
Good workout or either I’m out of shape. I ran in place. Don’t ask me for how long! One-legged squats, stair steppers (only there aren’t any stairs in here so I had to use the toilet). I did pushups (incline) dips, and about 7 situps. Whew! I feel good. Now I just have to wait til the shower starts.
I stayed in the shower a long time. The water was hot plus I needed several great washes. (TMI huh) No matter how cold it is, I got to shower. You already know waht we did on the tier after that. After a while, everyting is like a DVD movie playing alll over again. A few skips every now and then. So we ran a few epps. I’m sure I fell asleep first. It finally wasn’t too cold, or had my body begun to adjust to the refrigerator temperture around here.

If you have any questions about life in prison, or anything else, feel free to contact Walter by email thru JPay.Com Walter West #426915 (state La.) by snail at:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/ C3 C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327

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