Good Bye 2018! by Shara Cooper

I close this year out in the Grace of God!
Grace being my strength.
Grace giving me joy.
Grace being me peace.
Grace giving my hope.

This has been a surprisingly difficult year for me.
I started out with a really bad case of the flu in January that knocked me off my routine not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

I faced tough confrontations periodically for several consecutive months in a program that I held in high regard, with people that I expected to be genuine in their character.

I experienced the greatest disappointment in October that I have faced in many many years. A disappointment that almost took me out. A disappointment that made me not want to hope anymore.

Oh, but there are some wonderful highlights too!
The best of all the many highlights was to hear Her say “I wish you we here…” after ten long years of waiting and wondering if She even loved me.

A difficult year. Or should I say a challenging year. Both have pushed me to learn. Both have helped me to grow. Of course I was not thinking about learning and growing in the very moments of the pain. Yet, something greater was working in me…encouraging me that it wasn’t all in vain.
Grace! I received greater Grace to endure it all. Grace! I received greater Grace to conquer it all. Grace! I recieved greater Grace to survive it all. Grace! I received greater Grace to smile at the end of it all!

It gives me great joy to know and have the sincere ability to say that I end this year with a smile upon my face, peace in my mind, and hope in my heart!
2018 didn’t defeat me. Rather, I survived it, overcame it, grew in it!
Good Bye 2018! Your time is done. Good Bye!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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