Ventilation System, by Timothy Kearney

*Just Venting*
‘Somewhat 50/50’

Somewhat 50/50 means this to means that me and my better half is equal.. equal to a certain extent.. see..I want my wifey to feel that I love her more than she loves me and I want to feel that she loves me more than I love to you that may seem confusing but its not..its a state of mind when it comes to the one you’re with…I’ll a relationship my woman can love me how she loves me..but in my point of view im gonna love her more than she loves me.. regardless… that way she’ll feel it and know that me..her man loves her so much that it’ll just make her try to reciprocate that love..same goes for when you both are doing that then there won’t be any room for dislike..because all that comes with that kind of love will be shown…Respect, communication, trust, commitment, loyalty, and last but not least…Love!! personally..I’ve never been the guy who doesn’t trust his woman..I don’t go thru her phone,or chastise her on where she’s been..that’s never been me..I feel if she’s my woman then she knows this..if she decides to stray..that’s on thing my woman knows and will know is that I’ll die for her,kill for her, and live for her..that’s simply the loyalty that’s in me on how i came I’m not about to sit here and act like I was the best man for a woman..Im from urban America, I was a street dude..a young immature street dude..being faithful was truly hard..I strayed but I also was faithful to certain women I was in a relationship with..that’s the truth..that’s one thing doing time alone forces you to acknowledge how you were..and that causes you to grow up and correct those immaturities..which I did..all of them..that’s why I write..I write because I have to let her know the new me..I know talking isn’t as good as showing..but this is what I have right now..this is my Somewhat 50/ given 50 percent of me now and the other half is coming.. this is the me opening up aspect.. allowing her to get to know me as a man,friend and overall person..that way when the times comes for us to meet that friendship will be there..that familiarity or comfort zone as far being able to talk to each other will be there..the only thing left is compatibility or chemistry..I believe I’m one of the coolest most outgoing humans on Gods green earth..I hate drama..I love having fun..making people laugh..just being happy..that’s just who I am..”Somewhat 50/50″..I know nothing in this world is perfect except for Gods design but that’s what makes a relationship..its going though the aches and pains in order to test and strengthen your relationship.. now it’ll be great to have the least amount of trials and tribulations as possible..but if you do..overcome them together..I’m currently listening to Trey Songz Tremaine do I wish was home with her for this one..I missed Ready,I miss Passion Pain & Pleasure, I missed Chapter this one…if I could ask her to listen to one song off this album.. it’ll probably be..All of’s my dude.. he did his thing on this one..every song just fits then,me now and me later…I know it..but to be honest…track 6,13, and Song goes Off are my favorite.. just wanna put whoever reads this on the same wave length I’m far as music we’d have on while doing us..wink wink…I’m simply writing how i feel and who I’ve become so she can see me..the person.. not the inmate..lord knows its bad enough writing from in here but to be judged for my past hurts like hell.. “Just venting”..I pray whoever reads this and decides to take a chance with a hopeless romantic doesn’t judge but see me..Tim, Black.. the man,person,the human..Happiness & Love..
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Timothy Kearney
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  1. You say nothing is perfect but Gods designs. But that’s what and who we are. Let’s not change and stop getting use to saying we are not perfect. No we are perfect and so are the decisions we make because they mold us to be the person we would never be without that imperfect decision. So once again we are perfect some of our decisions may not be . You are perfect Tim. Thanks


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