Political Justice, by Mark Thomas

They call me a terrorist because I speak Arabic because I don’t think like the average corrupt American because I don’t think nobody is better or less than an if we help our fellow man there be no reason for world wide tariffs an band’s history will only repeat it’s self it’s time we make a stand.

Republican an Democratic what does it matter if the country is still of track what does it matter if you still have white officer’s killing unarmed blacks an all our politicians won’t tell us all the facts an all they care about is corrupt legation an how to pass a new tax stealing billions from the public an they won’t give it back saying that they care about us but ,we know its just a act

Democracy means having the right to vote but,if the election is rigged how am I supposed to have hope four this is not the idea when the constitution was wrote an I quote ever man has the right to vote you can lie to some but know that I know an who you think it is that tough the hood how to turn coke into dope.

This is the land of the free an the home of the brave then why are there so many innocent locked in a prison cage why does it cost for people to be taught a trade why is it the rich stay rich an it’s the poor that has to pay why is political Justice in this country so swayed.

Mark Thomas
DOC #703781

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