Hello 2019! by Shara Cooper

It is quite a pleasure and a privilege to meet you!
Thank you for allowing me the honor to abide in you! And, Please know that I am so very excited about you!
I do believe that you are something special! And I am ready for you!

All that you have for me…I want it. All of your good, of course I want it. But, even your not so good…Learning from 2018, I now welcome and appreciate those too.

Please know that I will not be bringing the past into our newness. No. I am totally focused on you. Facing forward with eyes wide open in jubilant expectations. Heart open for all that you want to do.

I promise to appreciate each day that you awake me starting today right where you met me, still incarcerated.

I promise you that I will be grateful for everything that you give me, both small and great.

I promise not to resist you when it is time for you to do something that I cannot immediately understand.

I promise to love the people that you keep in my life. The one’s you take away, I will not complain. And, the new people you connect to me I will freely embrace.

I promise to remain thankful in all that you carry me through. I will cultivate an attitude of gratitude in our every days.

I promise to do my best to make you proud walking in honesty, sincerity, and love. I will quickly forgive. I will remain open to change, open to learn, open to understand, and open to grow.

2019, Please allow me to share my desires with you as you carry me on your journey.

I want this year 2019 to be my best year yet!

I desire to help numerous women to walk in freedom in their lives by sharing my life, my freedom, and my walk with them.

I desire to become a stronger and bolder leader encouraging and motivating many others with both my words and my actions.

I want creative ideas to write and speak profound motivational speeches that will penetrate the hearts of many people from all walks of life.

I strongly desire to have one book published in your new year.

I want this to be the wonderful year that I am forgiven by Patricia.

I most certainly desire to physically be present in attendance to witness my daughter walk across that stage.

No doubt I desire that you are the sweet year to release me from this incarceration. The amazing year that ends all anxiety and allow that I return home to my family.

I earnestly desire to make bold efforts to officially establish a Non Profit Organization.

I desire more. I desire the best. I desire all that you have for me in this here new year.

Hello 2019! Here I am, ready for you! Lead me. Love me. Be good to me. I promise to appreciate all of you.
Hello 2019! Hello!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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