MY EX- FACTOR, by Tim VanGundy II

Looking for a prince, but you got a convict with potential,
patience and understanding were essential.
You showed me how to love with a broken heart.
In return, I said those words till death do us part.
I meant my vows but what about you?
I thought our love was permanent like our tattoo?
I caught this case,
and then quickly I was replaced.
Girl, I gave you my best,
and now I’m alone with nothing left.
I sent you letters stained with tears.
Am I crazy to think of you after all these years?
When I was so close to letting go,
you do the unthinkable and hit me with another blow!
You reach out and say sorry for the pain you’ve caused,
why now, why would you call?!?
Old feelings I can’t surpress,
once again woman, you turn me into a mess!
What would you do,
if after 4 years your ex reached out to you?
Would you respond back or do nothing at all?
Sorry I can’t do it, I just can’t make that call.
Babe, the the damage is done and the pain was real,
but after all these years my heart has healed!
We’re done here and NOW you’re not my wife.
So take care and I wish you the best in life!

Here is a little poem about something I have been dealing with recently. I used this title to pay homage to Lauryn Hill’s song, its about a dysfunctional relationship, also it happens to be my ex wife’s favorite song, ha! This poem is a reminder that being a criminal/inmate is a lonely life and if I want better in life I have to DO better! Everyone in prison, stay positive and do better and remember everyone loves a comeback story!!! Thank You!
Contact info: Timothy Van Gundyll # 721-720 or

Timothy Van Gundyll #721-720
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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