Treachery and Scandalous, by Jason MacKerchar

Hey readers.. Let me tell you about a situation that i have seen time and time again in here.. Not saying its happening to me but i see it in my best friend. He has a girl who has alot of jpay people she writes on here. Claims that they are just friends and nothing is getting unfaithful or anything like that. Well it just so happenned that one of her other boyfriends landed on the same tier and got a love letter saying that all she wanted was to marry him and blah blah blah,,, Ya so my friend sits him down and says to him, well look at my letters and pictures from her. See my emails from her and he is like well, i wont talk to her anymore. Things get better between matt and ashlee and they are getting their plans together and are gonna get married and matt is falling in love and she is too keeping her circle smaller with her and matt and then guess what? She messages the other guy along with two others and plays the game.. Look we arlready have a tough time in here why does a troll have to make it worse. Playing games with the heart and mind isnt good. So the guy moves and calls her and says a bunch of bullcrap to basically hate on my bestfriend and she falls in his trap. Mind you he beat her up when he was out there. Not sure if she is one of them type of girls who just falls in love with her attacker or whatever it may be. She is 23 and acts like she is 12. Not sure what kind of game she plays but i told my buddy what is happening and he is devastated. Poor guy really loved her with his entire heart and he got nothing but games and disrespect. So sad. Not sure why woman play games like this with inmates in here because no matter what it will always come out.. In almost every relationship i have been in.. This is always happening to good people. I am a good man and i hate that game right there.. Its not fair to us who actually loves hard and gets a game in return. Not saying it about me its about in general. Sadface to us and thumbs down to them game players.
Just a little insight in my friend matt and what his girl ashlee jones did to him. Big flip off to her!! LOL!!
I will write more later. I wish i had some questions to answer..LOL!!
Have a good day.
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Jason MacKerchar
DOC #77009


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