Anthony Reynolds

Prison, by Anthony Reynolds

prison is a place for nobody you have no life nobody to talk to nobody to help you it like your a forgotting soul it would be nice to just feel like spmebody could care about you help you out with the struggles in life just because we are here doesnt mean we are bad people we all deserve a chance and we all deserve to have somebody that cares and wants to help us or want to make us feel there presence when your family disappears and the people you love just aint there who else is left u you lose your kids your family you feel nothing you dont want to make chanfe because they have giving up on you makes you just want to give up there gotta be somebody that makes you feel want makes you want to wake up the next day give you a reason to enjoy life its no sappy stoory it a real story we people iin prison are often forgot about by the people we love most we need somebody to bee there and to help even if it just a phone call a piece of mail a
j-pay some money all things help hope everybody who reads this has a beautiful blessed day in think about a rough time you went through in needed somebody and have a beautiful and blessed day

Anthony Reynolds #A738219
p.o. box 56
lebanon ohio 45036

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