Shara Cooper

My Choice! by Shara Cooper

A beautiful day it is!
Despite what I may feel like…
Inspite of where my body is physically located…
Today is a beautiful day!
Now, what will I do with today?
Will I allow myself to enjoy this beauty?
Or, will I let the time slip away?
Will I control my thoughts from spinning into the negative zone?
Or, will I ponder the thoughts of all the good and amazing things?
Hmm….I wonder exactly what I will do with this beautiful day?
After all…The choice is mine.
Will I allow the unexpected surprises of today throw me off mentally or emotionally?
Or, will I face every hour with joy and wondrous hope?
Will I dread my duties and assignments for today?
Or, will I go about this day diligently seeking to be effective and productive in all that I do, both great and small?
After all, the choice is mine?
What will I do with today?
Will I Be negative and pessimistic?
Or, will I smile with great positivity and optimism?
Will I let the attitudes and demeanors of others dictate my own?
Or, Will I control me and remain in the beauty of today?
After all the choice is mine?
Hmm…What will I choose?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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