Ricardo Jackson

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, by Ricardo Jackson

Hello world! My name is Ricardo, but my friends call me Pluto. This is actually my first time blogging, so if I don’t seem like your ordinary blogger please bear with me. I will get better. LOL! I look forward to sharing my thoughts and views with yall. There will be many different topics that I will touch on in the future, but today I want to speak primarily to the youngins out there who find themselves in a seemingly hopeless position in life.
I know from experience just how hard life can be at times. I’ve been in both the best and worst of situations. Sometimes it gets so tough that we just choose the easiest way out. However, the easiest way is not always the best route to take. For example, I used to watch my mom struggle to raise my siblings I all alone. I remember all I wanted was to help her out more so that she would’nt have to worry so much about us. At that time I began looking at my surroundings to see what was working. On one hand, a job could’ve given me an opportunity to do some justice. But in my mind that would’ve taken too much time and effort. On the other hand, selling drugs provided me with the things I needed at once. Instant Gratification! Needless to say, I chose the easy route. (or what I thought was the easier route)
However, I failed to see the long-term effects of the decision I’d made. I didn’t realize that even though my problems were being partially solved, there were just as many (or even more) forming at the same time. Ultimately, I wish I had made better decisions.
I encourage anybody out there who find themselves contemplating on whether or not to do the right thing to in fact DO THE RIGHT THING! It may seem like it will take FOREVER to prevail that way, but trust me when I say that in the end, it’s worth it. Don’t wait until you find yourself in my position to want to change and do right. Yall feel me? And just so yall know, this isn’t something I wrote. This is coming str8 from the heart. I hope it hits home SOMEWHERE. Even if I can reach only one person, at least I was able to help someone. If anyone would like to contact me and further discuss anything I speak about, feel free to holla at me. I believe you have access to my info. This has been FOOD FOR THOUGHT by yours truly, Pluto. One… #Love, Live, Life!!!

Ricardo Jackson
DOC #584094

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