A Change Man, by Leslie Harris

When i was in the streets.I had no knowledge of myself.i just didnt have proper knowledge of self and knowledge of how things really worked in this world.I was a slave to all the wrong things in life ,like money,cars,woman,etc which wasnt no good to me..Now i learned who i am.And by learnin who i am i had to learn to change everything within me..My self-destrutive paths lead me to this place..Lost,alone,buried alive and almost forgotton..Taken by the few resources this jungle has ..Now ive reconstructed my mind and soul searched im am now a grown man and self-made god..Any and every obstracle that comes in my way im truly prepaired…I am not the number they place me as..But yet a responisble,postive,Independent, contributin member of society…Emotionally feelin like my soul has been drag through hell..As the earth spins and the time ticks i expect this night mare to go away…Taken away from all the things i loved the most..Bound to the past as I look forward to a future of uncertanily…Live your life to the fullest who ever is readin this..Enjoy it why you can..Cause tomorrow is never promise… Alot of mens look out the same prison bars and some see mud..And others see the stars..Which one are YOu?

Leslie Harris
DOC #599747

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